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Has enacted into law presidential council kellyanne Conway spoke to reporters at the White House earlier today about the Senate trial yeah you need you cranes are really anybody else to help me Joe Biden is as foolish as as meeting the Russians opening arguments are to begin on Tuesday CBS news special report I'm going on some parts of North Texas have received more than four inches of rain already today and that's led to crashes and high water rescues med star says that it is responded to twenty three crashes with injuries and Tarrant county alone at the fort worth fire department had six high water rescue calls the fire department's Mike Trudell says that people may get tired of hearing turn around don't drown but so many of those calls are preventable if drivers will just take the long way take if you search on there to get to work but the alternative is that you know it's gonna take a lot longer to get to work when the part about it rest you out of your vehicle and he says the police and firefighters also take on greater risk because they respond to more crashes a police officer in a firefighter in Lubbock was killed when responding to a crash last weekend a fort worth firefighter was injured last month she was said while she was getting out of the fire engine at the crash scene on highway one fourteen a Collin county man is facing charges of child **** after police say they found eighteen terabytes of data on devices used to share and view child **** in his apartment to gifs perfect perspective on this eighteen terabytes could hold about six million photos at nine thousand hours of video or three point six million songs Christopher Shabazz was arrested on January the ninety was released on Tuesday after he posted bond leveling police have arrested a high school student for stabbing classmates K. are all these Kelly weeks reports investigators say this happened outside the cafeteria it Abilene high school around eight o'clock this morning Rick Tomlin with the Abilene police says the suspended student came to school targeting the two students other suspect did leave the area he was captured about eight thirty six so into our incident happened roughly about thirty minutes we did capture him off campus both of the boys who were stabbed are said to be around sixteen years old there's no word on the victims conditions can we please news radio ten eighty KRLD the Forest Hill police officer who was shot yesterday has been released from the hospital the Kerr Williams was shot in the forearm and your I. twenty and four still drive for still police chief Dan Dennis posted a video online he says Williams was on patrol when she found someone with a gun in the parking lot of a convenience store Dennis says that that person shot at officers hitting Williams he says that officers then returned fire the suspect jumped into a police car drove off he crashed on two eighty seven there I thirty and died in the car Dennis says the Texas Rangers are now leading the investigation also like to take a minute to express my personal gratitude for all the prayers and support from the community you for the ongoing assistance from our various law enforcement partners in a post on Facebook police went on to say we are very happy to report that the officer has been released from the hospital and she is resting comfortably at home for retail sales and they rose in December over November it's after holiday sales that had a sluggish start with a shortened holiday shopping season Ken Perkins is the president of retail metrics and he says that regardless of the numbers some retailers had a lower than expected December we've heard also from twenty five retailers a report holiday sales in the sales have been mixed if it's been a mixed bag in terms of who's reported but we've had twelve chains report negative holiday sales of growth in the lab and positive analysts say that low unemployment and widespread hiring are fueling consumer confidence well some high water rescues today after flash flooding we'll have details with traffic and weather together on the aids coming up in three minutes hiring can be challenging but ziprecruiter makes it fast and easy we talked to see Dillon Mr what's needed to hire director of coffee for his company cafe altura we would look through lots of applications for people who are not qualified it definitely felt like we were looking for a needle in a haystack so Dylan started using ziprecruiter and found is perfect candidate in a few days ziprecruiter is powerful technology identifies people with the right experience and actively invites.

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