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The june in weekly to the bulletin with ubs pearl the latest insights and opinions from ubs and experts from around the world uh welcome back to the special edition of the globe list a monaco 24 with me tom i do its end henry reese sheridan henry i know you visit amsterdam often i don't wanna know all the sordid and grimy detail of what you get up to but i want to know this have you ever grabbed a granny by qualified i have tom i normally adopt the uprights position which those vehicles' kind of foresee win tape actually to be entirely honest review and enjoy it taking control of the road in the way that you can only do in the dutch capital walk with tara bike rights of way and excellently appointed cycle lanes and this highlight from tool stories molecules yelling goffin tells us more about why cycling in the city is that you experience colmey naive that has a flemishspeaking belgian i thought it was safe to assume that the dutch and i would have plenty in common beyond a border and history and language through that we also share a love of bicycles from a young age we pedal our way to independence i was six when i made my first solo journey to school however the first time i travelled to amsterdam to visit a friend it soon became clear that when it comes to cycling the dutch do things a little differently as i confidently mounted my by gets into also com i wasn't prepared for what lay ahead almost immediately i was maneuvers to decide by an overtaking cyclist i was struck not only by the bravado of the dutch cyclists but also that of my usually demure friend with a bless sarah had never witnessed she cleared herself a pathway to voice and bell i know that's the purpose of rebel but in belgium it's considered impolite to actually use it and as we wished fast unsuspecting tourists i called glimpses of their flabbergasted faces ten minutes later we arrived no doling this was serious work.

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