U. S. Supreme Court, Los Angeles, President Trump discussed on Pacifica Evening News


As the U. S. Supreme Court rules that sewage plants and other industries cannot avoid environmental requirements under the landmark clean water protections when they send dirty water on an indirect route to rivers oceans and other waterways from pacifica radio KPFA in Berkeley KPFK in Los Angeles this is the evening news I'm mark mark the house of representatives today passed a four hundred eighty four billion dollar corona virus relief bill the measure had overwhelming support but another bill to create an oversight committee sparked heated debate with Republicans saying it was motivated by partisan hatred of president Donald Trump K. deface Christopher Martinez reports most lawmakers wore masks scarves or bandannas says they convenes to vote on a pair of coronavirus bills in the house of representatives the easier vote was on a four hundred eighty four billion dollar measure to fund small and medium sized businesses hospitals and testing for many the vote was personal representative Maxine waters a Democrat from California I not only rise in support of this legislation this the enhancement act I also would like to rise in support of what we're doing for the health care enhancement act in this bill that I'm going to take a moment to dedicate this litigation legislation to my dear sister who is dying in a hospital in.

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