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Don't go after Kyle absolutely all right what to watch for is next is one of my favorite segments will and and by the way Jean Greco normally on with this Fridays at five thirty he is under the weather yet again we were texting with me getting old design the sick all the time I was gonna I was gonna throw him under the bus if I'm not sick okay just leave share with us coming up next and what to watch for it's all next waddling salons ESPN one thousand Chicago's home force us when the bears drafted Stan Thomas Thomas the offense of linemen first round pick right after the Super Bowl oh sure talking eighty six rounds with me is that what you're asking but I'm just saying I'm giving you I was born in eighty five so I don't know what I'm saying we have that dedicated to memory cap thank you miss something what makes a thank let me let me see make sure it was for the podcast is out there the company weekdays nineteen twenty SPM one thousand call goes home for sports this no country ski report is brought to you by indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring posted job today at indeed dot com slash higher I did still country the best of our skiing and riding season is out there right now in this weekend hits all the spots well groomed runs on sweet cruising feature filled terrain parks and speeding tubing lights little bit of sunshine and comfortable temperatures a great reason to get out and enjoy the snow this weekend bound top grade should be able with nineteen trails they'll go into the night time as well ten o'clock on the weekends well at alpine valley all twenty one trails they remain open every evening skiing greeted be gone sixty trails while the devils at all thirty runs open big snow resort of the U. P. will be adding to rain for the weekend just about to Michigan with all fifty eight runs now is the time to plan your perfect winter get away at crystal mountain enjoy special lodging rates at one twenty nine per night plus learn how kids sleep ski and eat breakfast free plan your vacation to discover crystal mountain dot com more ski conditions at still country dot com I'm Eddie Davis on ESPN one thousand whether you up your truck game with ram fifteen hundred four ram thirty five hundred at the ram presidents day event you'll be hailed as the new chief of trucks it's auto show time well qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on the twenty twenty ram fifteen hundred big horn crew cab four by four for two ninety nine a month for thirty nine months with three thousand seven ninety nine due at signing tax title license extra call one eight seven seven ram five seven two two for details requires dealer contribution at least to ally financial extra charge for miles over thirty two thousand five hundred residency restrictions apply particularly by three to twenty twenty to bring your tools pulled apart you need always you pick your part at helping you pick your partner find millions of parts from thousands of used cars and trucks transmissions engines alternators find what you're looking for and if you're not satisfied L. cake you pick your part offers a money back warranty why somebody seven days a week visit our newest okay you pick your park formerly known as you pick apart the Chicago Oct thirty first St Louis Avenue is it okay to pick apart dot com location near you so are you the type of guy that.

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