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Of that spectacle and i felt that a little bit here but i would say that what i did respond to somehow more at this point in my life than the technical side of the movie was that relationship it was that central relationship between leo dicaprio between jack and between rows of course kate winslet and i think i was struck two i was even listening back to last week's episode where we played a clip from titanic to capri of sounds like he's fourteen years it's unbelievable how young he is and how encounters i think they were about the same age actually 21 22 when this was shot and yet appropriate for her character who is someone who does seem to carry more baggage literally and figuratively as someone who is a little more worldweary she seems so much more mature and older than him yes and i understand that your boy the casting of that that they wanted to have that element but i think they overshot it because this is where it registered even more to me that there is a difference that does not work at all he doesn't seem like he's a little younger in more carefree he seems like he's her puppy like she's mound a puppy on the ship and i do like to capitals performance like that yeah was really good things that that we did like about entering than i did like about it i want to spend some time onto really i also i don't think winslet is giving a bad performance so we'll we'll talk a little bit more about yet villain i particular role i think they great when they're together unscreened i think leo overalls effortless he's also effervescent throughout the film and winslett you do for me josh maybe this is where it it breaks down view little that is you have to believe they're connection certainly or everything she does in that last hour and a half of the movie while the ship is sinking is utterly absurd and it will lose all the stakes and that didn't happen for me and i was struck by that puppy dog thing you mention that's actually intriguing to me and that's something i kinda like about the film the cameron who so clearly is enamoured by the jack character this movie soares the moment he comes on screen there's just an exuberance there and he is clearly i think the style.

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