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Like one thirty in the morning, and I was just glad okay. All right. So here's Dani the always the trooper on a quick turnaround here for news af year on a Tuesday morning. This is therapy. There are made me. Yeah. Okay. All right. Let's talk about we got a lot of stories to cover today. So let's get into it. And Danny are you are resident resident condiment guy. I know you're our resident soup guy. Yeah. I like condoms. Make soup is a condiment. Yeah. No again. You poured on your hamburger. So the actually this is a later story. I'm jumping ahead to our worst airline passenger. We got a start here. It's a good. You gotta work. Work up to it. Yeah. Okay. All right. The people at Heinz are out with a new batch of condiments here, Danny how do you feel about Krant? Explain please was this written on April. First. No, this is again what ROY was explaining on April. First or April second we podcast. The the news is just April. Fools everyday ranch Danny here. Okay. All right. So Krant is like the name your off to get startling. Okay. Kranj? Hold on. What is what words have been Seiken? Tell you what it is France. Yeah. You up and ranch up and ranch. Yes. That's not right. That's okay. I think the are you kidding me? No. I'm not kidding, you Tyson. You'd eat those things may gather Tyson pass me the Krant. I'm ready to crack down on some Krantz. But is what are you putting this crannies goodness, right? Into my mouth. Yeah. I like Krant do. Yeah. Let's is zinc Cranchi. Crew. Let's get Cranchi does not say, hey, you wanna get I hate everything about it. I hate every single hate sauces your bottle. I am type a millennial ho hates mayonnaise. Yeah. Yeah. You hate me all sauces. He's like, hey can have a salad. Make sure that it's dry. No, I'm vinegar at man, you know, that that's not really a sauce. No. But it is a salad dressing, the superior the most superior of salad dressings are all look bad guys. I'm looking at Krantz right now. I'm thinking about ordering some do they have it France or through Cranston just break into my house. Should I be embarrassed? I asked him to label it something else. Usually be embarrassed that you're pro Krant on this podcast right now. Should why would I be in very so my procreates, Dan? Danny be the face of Krant. Yeah. For sure he good. Hi. I'm Danny Bryson an eye indoors Krant. France on tired eating boring. French fries thing. Yeah. Everything. Probably hamburger leaks out eight. Pizza. Yeah. But a hamburger fries I because see it going with Bryce fries. Yeah. It's not gross. I hate it. Okay. And addition to Krant were also have mayo q. Threw up a little bit mayo and barbecue sauce. I never grows picture. Not a bad not a bad combination. All my God. Daddy. Are you kidding? Just tried to get under my skin. I'm not I don't Tyson. These things these sauces. I'ma saskia. I look I go to bars. I know you were a sauce like so pro sauce, dude. Yeah. You you're gonna find me huddled in a corner in a grocery store doing Krant. With so mayo. What was it called mayo? Q maybe you and also mayo must which mayonnaise mustard. I mean, that's pretty common of mayo musters not a good name either. It sounds a musk all of them sound disgusting mail must sound like an axe body spray flame. Sodas krant. This is a new line of ags body, spray. Which also doubles a sauce. Wait, wait. There is another one earlier in this article that I'm reading from NPR says mayo chop may to catch up, which we call rice sauce, but a mayo shop is was one of the earlier mixes that Heinz did. Yeah. Chup kranj. I like that. Also sounds like a villain. Yes. Evil agent Krantz. But yeah, I like the name 'cause send me some sauce Tyson. Yes. I'll come down. We'll share burger together. Danny. We would you have a bottle of Krant in your frigerator..

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