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Shaking hands with fans or posing for pictures with kids and just to see the reaction to those guys to me as it's always been touching to me, and I don't think anybody in body that more as a player David Ortiz, you this day big lap. Big smile. Big hits big personality, which is why the news that we got last night was so jarring. I was actually in a car on the way back to the hotel after Sunday night baseball. And someone said yet David Ortiz, was shot and it just it was just it. Just took you a back. And, you know, we hope as we move forward that the news that he's in stable condition. We got from Enrica row houses morning that it continues to get better from there. But man that that was just stunning. Yeah, I got off an airplane last night BUSTER turned on my phone. And that's the first thing I saw he goes to say it just took my breath way. Thank goodness, it appears he's going to be okay. But BUSTER, I know at least people in my life, who've said something to this effect that their lives would be made if someday they could just meet David Ortiz. That's what he does to people who have been watching him play all these years because it's way beyond just what it amazingly productive player. He's been. It's the way he carries himself the way he presents himself that incredibly warm smile that he has. And how everything is a celebration for him. I mean even pokes BUSTER, you've seen it a thousand times the way that he used to handle a crack in how everyone to team seems to be lifted by the way that things were done by him during. Outing practice. That's who he is. And the way he has captivated that city, which is a great town, of course, but a tough place to play on certain days to be that beloved really speak to directly who David Ortiz is so will continue to cry that this is the recovery goes this Moodley as possible. Yeah, we'll always remember his words after the Boston marathon, bombings at Fenway park, and how that touch the city last night. Tweets reactions coming from all corners, Pedro Martinez tweeting them at peace. Knowing your added danger, your strong man came. Wait to hear your voice my thoughts and prayers are with you. See you soon. The Red Sox put out a statement late last night. We were made aware of an incident involving David Ortiz and Dominican Republic David's family confirmed that he sustained a gunshot wound. They mentioned where he was treated. We have offered David's family, all able resources to aid in his recovery, and will continue to keep them in our hearts and our. Peter gammons tweeting out this morning. I choose to pray along with Tiffany, Alexandra. The Angelo ingest score tease, mentioning members, of course of is, is wife and his family. I don't wanna see the video. I don't need details. I just want the family together in a weight poppies resounding laugh, and Tim. You were mentioning the way that he would you know, greet players on other teams around the batting cage, it was funny to me, but, you know, managers, as you know, a lot of the old school managers would complain about that. But when involved or tease, it was almost like everyone would just shrug like that. That's David Ortiz. You know, we don't want we don't want most players doing it, but David Ortiz going to do it, then everyone's going to respond positively to it because that's just him. Right. And that is him and that engaging nature that he has will never lose is what makes him such a big personality. I know it's a cliche, but he he's rockstar when he played he's rockstar anytime is in uniform and wherever he shows up now same thing happens. I remember when I was covering dugout reporter sideline reporter for game and Rick Sutcliffe was doing the game..

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