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Soon as Arjun McDonald Carey in Richard Rodgers and Hammerstein carousel. Thank you. Serena. Oh, man. Kenny Baker Kenny Baker. Anyone anyone no one? Can you? Tell me about about Kenny Baker. We all know Kenny Baker Kenny Baker was the guy who was inside RTD to in the movie Star Wars. But this week it was the birthday of a much much taller. Kenny Baker Kenny Baker fiddler who played with Bill Monroe for many years. The longest running tenure out of any of the bluegrass word fiddler's Bill Monroe would introduce them on sage is the best and bluegrass and interpretations of the classic Monroe tunes really kind of set the standard elevated the fiddle to a whole new level virtuosity play one of his real big hits. This one's called Jerusalem ridge. About gave. Glenn Beck is version of Jerusalem bridge. Thank you so much for that tune Kenny, and we'll polish off this birthday segment with a fellow who I believe to be one of the greatest songwriters alive. Mr. Sufiane Stevens. John's birthday, we his relentless pursuit of beauty. His straight up changed the game for my generation with records like Illinois and carrying lull. Here's one from age of odds, if you haven't checked that record out lately give it a spin. It is each in. Well, this is track ten. That would die. This time. Photograph..

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