Juju, Steelers, James Winston discussed on Fantasy Football Overtime


Anybody I was hoping they signed James Winston Gimme all. Thought. Would have been a good fit to yeah, if so if the steelers were out to go unsigned. Cam Newton I would be much more comfortable drafting like Juju next the next player. We're GONNA talk about like I. Don't know what to think about these players, though with like Roth asperger's question marks what could happen if he doesn't play, but what else could happen if he does play sixteen, absolutely big gamble, and like last year, not of their receivers had over sixty receptions that just how impactful a healthy goad quarterback is versus duck. Hodges we've literally seen the ceiling in two thousand eighteen and we saw the floor twenty, nine, thousand, nine hundred, and they are too extreme, so it just comes down to if you're willing to take the gamble or not Juju going currently in the end of round three before we even jumped to Juju, are you as taking any flyers on? Jalen Samuels, Benny, Snell or Anthony McFarland. Are you avoiding all of them? Avoiding all of them avoid okay, so yeah, let's jump to Juju..

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