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Eighteen I'm Russ, McNamara four WW j NewsRadio nine fifty good evening early sunny tomorrow with a spotty shower thunderstorm at it's dry quite warm over the, weekend the complete AccuWeather forecast coming. Up it's, meteorologist Dave Bowers in the. City it's fair eighty. Degrees wwl news time is. Nine oh. Three by investigators on the scene of a house explosion on Detroit's west. Side in, fact Commissioner day for now, says appears to home and Lindsey street was vacant when a blue they're looking for what caused the blast could be bad pipe boards or leak or. Something but if this particular point we don't have all the. Answers and of course the house is partially. Collapsed so it's dangerous to go. In there were no injuries It's a mystery LaPierre is a chemical. Founded at park severely burns to children, a one, and a half. Year old boy, was playing the slot at Crampton parking LaPierre on ten o'clock this morning when he suffered serious burns to his legs the fourteen year, old girl watching the boy picked. Him up, and suffered chemical burns herself. After touching him police. Chief Dave Frisch says a. Lab is. Now testing the chemical found on the slide the substance appears to be. A white, crusted type substance I I'm, not sure that I want to see if it was a it wasn't a liquid form but I wouldn't classify it as a powder writer burns were. So severe that he was transferred to the Hurley burn center. The girl is, being treated McLaren hospital in. LaPierre the park is shutdown is. To figure everything out Officer has been suspended. At their video surfaces showing what appears to be. Excessive force and a woman who is mentally ill Czar Hoover reports Detroit police chief James Craig has a lot, of questions after video shows, the eighteen year veteran. Throwing punches at, a naked mentally ill woman at Detroit receiving. Craig says the woman was being aggressive spitting and making threats but he says officers. Are taught to de escalate these situations the fact that we have tasers is plus has worked for us at this point I can't tell you why the officer didn't Up for the tasers for backup Those are the things that will be determining throughout this investigation that officer is on paid suspension as a criminal investigation is underway reporting from Detroit police headquarters of her Huber w w j NewsRadio nine fifty a man who smashed out the windshield and driver's side window of one of our news cars. Along with channel seven live truck this morning has been. Arrested by the Tripolis are Mike Campbell was live on air when. The suspect can swinging, a baton I saw the man but he seemed to be just walking. By in front of, the truck he was saying stuff but I put the windows up because I didn't want our. Listeners to hear his foul words and then he apparently just something angered him turned. Around and attack, the news truck Mike other reporters recovering a hit and run fatality. Davidson, and Dexter at the time thankfully no one was hurt Ferndale police asking. For help in locating the FedEx driver who hit and. Killed a dog earlier this month sergeant Barron Brown says it happened. Is woman was crossing, west maple hers to Livernois around eleven o'clock on July seventeenth a FedEx. Truck oh she described, as speeding she said almost fitter it missed her thankfully bought it did run over one of. Her dogs shoe eventually did pass from his injuries Browns is not necessarily a crime. And Michigan animals, aren't considered property legally so we don't have the elements that would. Constitute, a hit and run They're trying to bring the woman closure in the case, anyone who had a package delivered in the area around that time or has. To provide their tracking number with Ferndale police to fund try to, find that driver or dogs are getting sick with the flu in two. Thousand seventeen there, were nine reported cases of canine influence in. Michigan so far this year, have been forty nine confirmed cases and several counts. Including Wayne Oakland McComb stay veterinarian Dr James April says while they're not sure why the rise is happening, they do. Have a theory some of the way dogs or cared for is changing too is more and more dogs, are going to. Doggy, daycare as an example. And so, anytime you're. Congregating dogs from. Different places at one spot there is the potential for further disease transmission from one dog to. Another in April says they're also seeing a lot of unvaccinated dogs if. Your dog is sick keep it at home and away from other dogs As a management briefing seminars wrap up in traverse city. A warning about technology we've seen a lot of changes in vehicles and the pace is picking up because of new technology but, Volkswagen's head of, user, experience Mataya. Herb. Has an old, caution just because you can do something doesn't mean. You should you have to, make sure and you need the right process it's not, to push those things into a vehicle this mainly things people do not really. Know what to do and at the end of the day people, are not willing to pay for herbs as technology always runs the risk. Of becoming too, complicated and it has to be something that. People will easily understand ever, city I'm Jeff Gilbert WW j NewsRadio nine fifty WBZ news time is nine eight time for. Traffic and weather together on. The aids and the idol Dom motor group traffic center brought to you this hour. Of the motor city let's out what's going on a night. Well right, now, I'm looking, at, the, AAA GM games on m. thirty. Nine the Southfield freeway southbound now from mcnichols don't afford road rescheduled have only the right lane open this hour through five. AM tomorrow warning now that zone is going to be up again nine PM Friday through five AM, on Monday Monday morning in the. Left lane is going to be blocked as well from Ford road up to mcnichols also..

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