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I know that comments on the bill i'm like no this is going to be a dad show comic noteworthy yeah i know i've never seen you i have a sister that if she shows up at one of my shows it's going to be a bad show and she's going to make fun of me later for it that's just shows anymore it's just sad you just wait nawabi and then we can go to chili's after no know so so yeah i started stand up in my twenty twenty they're just an intent time anyway and now i'm in my thirty and thirty or so much better than twenty because everyone assumes that you keep and they just leave you alone thing like nobody's trying to give you a five nobody's trying to shape your career and have a hand in what you've become we're going to move onto the next person well congratulations that's great yeah you can just move forward feeling good about what you're doing i mean exactly and i don't have too many responsibilities i mean i teach music during the day and then i do stand up at night the place hannah montana living the dream yeah but like i'm at the age so we're all of my friends are getting married so there's like some that are getting married some that are saying thing though and all of my friends who are still single they keep saying i don't know why i'm not married and the thing is i'm still single but i know exactly why i'm still single play the accordion.

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