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Breast anthony rizzo kyle schwarzer all homered for the cubs they took care of the pirates eight to six rockies beat up on the giants eleven to four phillies took care of the dodgers six to one diamondbacks over the reds five to to the padres beat the marlins nine to five and one interleague game solo home runs each for bryce harper end manny machado but it was the nationals outlasting the orioles three two in baltimore the nba finals beginning oakland on thursday the cavaliers are still not sure if they'll have kevin love for game one he remains in the nba concussion protocol after missing game seven of the east finals with that concussion the capitals will have forward tom wilson for game two of the stanley cup final on wednesday wilson will not be suspended for his late hit on vegas forward jonathan marches so in game one from the nfl brandon marshall is making the pacific northwest his next stop the receiver reportedly signing with the seahawks and serena williams uhhuh a winner in her first match in over a year she beat christina plus covi in straight sets in round one at the french open i'm kevin dexter this is boomer esiason of cbs sports we always have our game face on expected here cbs sports radio listen to xtra sports thirteen hundred on amazon alexa just say alexa enabled.

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