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8 fits all today transparency you can trust That's the 5th way There's just no better way to go This is WTO P news Three 23 The head of the FBI is spelling out what he calls China's growing threat to American economic security Director Christopher wray detailed the risks in a wide ranging interview with CBS Scott pelley The biggest threat we face as a country from a counterintelligence perspective is from the People's Republic of China And especially the Chinese Communist Party No country presents a broader more severe threat to our ideas our innovation our economic security than China Ray also tells peli China is targeting intellectual property at an unprecedented level and has stolen more personal incorporate data from Americans than every other nation combined That interview will air Sunday evening on 60 minutes Arlington county schools had been ready to change up their approach to homework but school leaders are now having second thoughts The new homework policy is on hold so school leaders can better evaluate how it would impact students The policy would do away with consequences for those who miss homework deadlines teachers wouldn't be able to grade what they do turn in The universal grading policies currently in the pilot program phase at some schools There you have a ton of data about how this has worked but they've really made none of it publicly Chartreuse is with the group Arlington parents for education and says they want to see more data results that show that it will work to improve equity and it won't lower educational outcomes A spokesman for the school system says they've been collecting feedback from teachers The proposal will go before the school board June 9th next steps are expected to be decided on the 23rd Melissa Howell WTO penis Money news of 25 and 55 some days the news is good and some days it is not Jeff claw Still a half an hour of trading to go the Dow is down.

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