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All depends on I know where town of four fours and the flyers are a non starter as far as sports conversation goes if you're a sixer fan. Well, weekend wasn't good. And some people consider one day shortly went to holiday carry over the weekend. And we'll keep an eye and keep you updated on the game time going into fourth quarter right now, which they lead in Toronto. But these Saturday effort the crushing at the hands of the raptors, which really not good. So the basketball fans, diehard sector fans. Oh, and I heard a lot of you guys here on wwl pee on both sides on Sunday Saturday night coming back after the game. After I got up the train from New York. I've still got a thirty five forty minute drive home. And man there was some complaining going on here. WIP and Sunday both ways go into New York on the way up and on the way back yet, people were none too pleased with the way game one went. We'll give you the chance to be heard without the game goes came to here. We still got to many basketball left to play. But, hey, if they lose jets going to be jetted might complaining even though they played significantly better tonight than he didn't game. No one that's for sure. And also since I was here both Thursday and Friday night. I got to talk about the eagles day one draft loved it. Their day to draft loved one pick question the second pick and their day three draft which I don't like a little bit. Now the third day Jaffe supposed to be four rounds the eagles to make sure to get the offensive lineman. They wanted in the first round we're willing to give up to those date three picks. So they were skimmed back to just two day two picks. I don't like either one, and we'll go into detail on that over the course of the next four hours that is stone, cold promise. And also for you. Philly fans out there again when last we spoke Friday night they'd gotten off the Schneide after losing an ugly Thursday game to the Marlins coming off a bad road trip against both Colorado and the Mets. Yeah. There was I don't wanna say panic in the streets, but some angst floating about about the hometown baseball squad. Pretty good weekend. Friday night into Saturday into Sunday, the double E, boys. I cough an affluent getting the job done on the hill. Yes. Jake Arrieta kind of made a blowout game and interesting game. But both I cough an effing pitched well over the weekend for the Phillies and ripped off the Enron against Marlins. And guess what you look up, and I know the Phillies not played great Phillies have been up and down the Phillies have been inconsistent. It's too early to throw the maddening term out there. I can't say the Phillies are maddening yet. But they they have had their no-show days and air tremendous days as well. But is the bottom line is we sit here on what's today's date. Jack, the twenty ninth it's not the thirty. We got couple days left in April. We're we're not even into may yet. And yes, I know these started a little bit early, but it sixteen and twelve. The village our game and a half in first place. The Mets are slightly above eye fourteen thirteen Braves right at for five hundred the NATs are blow five hundred in the Marlins as we expected stink. And as we expected to Phillies post get three out of four against them over the weekend. Guess what they did? So even though it's been a perplexing. I twenty six games of the season or twenty eight games of the season. I think after at least call it that because they have games where they just looked phenomenal with a lineup is work perfectly. With starting pitching his gun long enough to get you to a bullpen that's gotten the job done. And you say damn this looks like the best team in the national lease and other nights where they're high priced high expectation offensive guys Bryce Harper resourced gins, Mike Cal Franko who is like the best start basement in baseball for the first two and a half weeks season came plummeting back down to earth while e pick back up this weekend. As Dade Reese Hoskins, I don't think anyone knew when gene cigar went down. It was gonna be as big ahead to the lineup. As was well because shortly after cigar went down. Kingery went down as well. Who is doing a job certainly with the bet not as much with the glove, but could have done a better job upholding down the shortstop position they had to reach with Mr. Goslin, at least Sean Rodriguez, and you know, I called for his call up prior to them actually going down that road and had to get them onto the forty man roster. Which means they had to designate pays those who they ended up trading for a backup reserve middle. Infielder. I didn't know if the pill you're gonna go there 'cause they're they're kind of funky about their forty man roster. If they've got on there. They don't want to give you up, but I guess they were disappointed with pays oh show in spring training and make the team, and I guess he had opened anybody's is AAA so they decided to put him out there. And they certainly got divide that he was gonna be claimed. So they made the best trade they could. But Sean Rodriguez gives you a professor. Final at bat. Never gonna win a go glove. I can guarantee you that shortstop is probably his fort best position. He certainly better at third base is better. It's first base. He's probably better at second base. And I even seen him play 'cause Tampa likes to do the anybody can play anywhere. Kind of thing. I've seen him playing the outfield. He's not horrific. He's not recite skins like in left, but he again isn't gonna win go glove out there. But he came up short stop. And that's where the Phillies had the lead need. And that's why they're force feeding him at shortstop while you don't have to worry about that anymore because cigars come back. Even oh how spooky was that? No sooner dizzy, come back that he gets the head. Now, it wasn't a concussion or anything else. He's right back in the game the next day. So it was just a momentary scare, but it was a little scary. When he took the first. Shot to the head. I will say that. But bottom line is they just ripped off three in a row that little off night tonight. That's why yours truly is gonna go. Not one two three four full hours tonight. I can't remember the last time I did eight full four hour shelf. Somehow, we'll get through it a big part of it has to be your help because I've got four hours, and by the way, no guests put a call out to a couple, and I was shooting blanks. Maybe people are just watching the Sixers and or try to get a couple NFL draft guys, and they're all harried from the weekend science it. I don't need to get. It's nice. When you get somebody on who knows more than you do about a particular topic. That's why you guessed up to try and give your audience as much information as possible. Yeah. You like that you wanna do that? If you can't get somebody lined up, well, and you lean on your listeners, and that's what I'm doing you tonight. Eight seven to nine. Nine ninety four ninety four just that easy. Just at quick for full hours of open phones beat about the Sixers, and can they get this one even in Toronto tonight and come back here at Wells Fargo center on Thursday night at one game apiece after floundering in game one with no real answers. And all by the way. I will try not to hurt myself while I Pat myself on the back here if you follow me on Twitter at Jodi McMahon, J O, D YM ACM. A n I tweeted out the staff to noon, how wanna say five o'clock somewhere there about four thirty five o'clock. Don't know exactly what time was. But I was sitting around thinking about tonight. Sixers raptors game and how the Sixers got abused by basically two players and gave number one. That would of course, be quiet Leonard and Pasquale Ceac him and the Sixers had no answer for either of the two. And I said they if it's going to be that no one else is going to come to the forefront little that I know that the Sixers actually gonna get some contributions from their bench more offensively defensively. But we'll get that as the game comes to a Finnish. But it's got to be the starting five guys who are in there playing thirty plus minutes, but the Sixers who have to do a better job. On defensive end and matching up with the raptors. I noted in game on Saturday prior to the game ever starting that Brett Brown said he didn't plan on using Ben Simmons against CLYDE, Leonard. I guess it was because he didn't wanna put the pressure of having to cover coli, and knowing full well Kawai was gonna cover band at the other end and glide Leonard is given Ben prior to this series fits would be one way to describe it from a defensive standpoint. So I think Browns thought process was I wanna give bene- cans to do something positive and maybe not have to. Taking advantage of on both ends. I follow the thought process and where he's coming from. But you can't let blended singlehandedly and who on his team best matches up against Leonard. While we saw light up Jimmy Butler. We saw when they got picked on roles and be didn't do a good job out on a primer coming out on him. He took care of everybody. They eventually switch. Ben Simmons over on them and truth be told quite Leonard got much better. Ben Simmons to it's just one of those nights guy could not be stopped. So put part of it on code put part of it on Butler potted on Ben Simmons because he was given a shot. He couldn't shut slap him either. Okay. So maybe don't have an answer for quiet, Leonard. Maybe there's just no way you're gonna stop quite Leonard. You have to start with the belief. All right, quiet. Leonard get is thirty. He did get forty five. I know that I understand that. And you don't want. Them get forty five every game. But don't make him. The priority of believed that you gotta stop him to be able to win the game. Maybe Siachen is the guy that you got to hone in on. What's the best way to stop Siaka m- or slowdown Siaka, and maybe that'll make it easier for young Leonard. Well, I can read you my exact tweet that I sent out. Let's see how long ago it was now I'll tell you what I set it out 'cause they tell you how long ago was yours. Truly sent this out five hours ago. Which means yeah, it was right around five o'clock since the raptors play mostly five out on offense. There's no real good defensive matchup for Joel Embiid. Therefore, I play against Pasquale Siaka. He cow made a lot of shots from five eaten in game number one. Which is where Embiid is at his defensive best when he is also five feet in. And I. Tagged at worth a shot..

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