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Favorite smile. Applications really is the ultimate tool for editing and dealing with PDF's. And I know it's not super fun to talk about. But you know, this time of year. It's the arrival lie on PDF Penn. Probably the most use it all year long, but tax time it's looming. I'm getting ready to to do that. I think I have my appointment at the beginning of April, and I have to deal with all kinds of PDF's and documents and forms and stuff like that. And I do everything paperless. So having that. That stuff OCR in searchable is critical for me. And of course, PDF Penn does a great job of doing that. It also lets me Mark up. Those documents add any annotations highlight things things that I might want to send over to my tax professional to talk about or take a look at it helps me fill out those fake forms. So basically things documents that I get sent that are PDF's that are supposed to be forms. They look like forms. They have little lines on them. But they actually don't have form fields so often people resort to printing. Those out in hand filling them in don't have to do that with PDF pen pro you can actually auto detect all of those form areas, and it will make those fill in forms like they should have been from the very beginning. And then you can of course, easily add a signature, and then finally when I need to send that stuff off to my tax professional. It's got sensitive data, very often my social security number. I want to be able to secure that with a password. So I can send it digitally PDF. Pin lets me do that. Also and. Of course, I then call my tax professional with the password don't include that in the Email. And but it is a great tool for managing all your PDF needs. Of course, PDF pen pro also adds additional features like I said, creating those fiddle PDF forms converting websites into PDF's and a whole lot more. You can learn all about PDF pen and PDF pen pro by visiting smile software dot com slash podcast, that smile software dot com slash podcast and huge huge..

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