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Find other ways of supporters they're going to pay back that that that they occurred because date of her fate the bill and in the yes and the thing is to our families who may decisions who were able to care for their children before the started happening the reason i went down there was a woman wrote me a letter she was losing her arrest that care it was the only way of she is able to take care of her family being able to go to work since then she has had to put her daughter in a group home and that was the hardest decision she's made it will take us years have to really be able to calculate the impact this has had on people who are you know what it is horrible than what you're talking about the schools i mean you've got the effect dave about when your kids to college as exciting time sure you've ever had to think wow i wonder if the university of missouri will be of business next fall the you know we talk to people the governor's state ito to victory cargo stave divert the you can't plan to send your kids the school of the of the money you're your because the school my clothes does it or you know the thing is that we also lose a lot of the emailer school and our universities can't draw of the best and the brightest and that's what really keeps university illinois and by the way easterly nursery we always talk about the big schools but eastern anna and let other and all these schools these are important places of education that we really you know this is this where we want our future to be right kids about the small towns while towns at support eastern and western shutdown those schools closes the came to strategize those towns champagne urbana mega vader ban is big enough does exist without the arrival through so here's the good news in quotes does we have a budget yes the bad news is we have a budget we have vieira was actively agra if you don't have a better offer can i can i say of such a summit that's a very vasco she's wages are going on now and we're gonna be billett fergus the couple of.

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