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Katy what's going on basically people around the world are more miserable than they've ever been. There's more stress, and worry, and sadness and anger. It's just not good. And this is the highest level of this. Did they've seen since they begin measuring this a decade ago. So we're basically at peak misery. Jeez. Anybody puts a reason or a couple of reasons for that. They didn't. They didn't really know. Exactly why the west Gallup told me there's a lot of countries in turmoil right now because we're so connected. These days did they think it just kind of spreads and seeps through the world. But but they don't know. But I mean, listen to this which is crazy. I mean, thirty eight percent said they worried in the past eight thirty seven percent felt stress. The thirty one percent physical pain in the past twenty four hours, and then twenty three and twenty percent felt sadness and anger. What's really interesting is in the US? Sometimes these numbers are worse. Like, the people the US compared to people around the world, more worried more stressed the same level of sadness. But we're more worried and stressed that average. So I don't know sometimes also going on here. Yeah. That's weird. Because I'm broadly speaking in the US, I mean job markets in good shape. Wages are on the rise. The least little bit stock markets up economy's humming along because normally like say we vote or were driven by the way, we feel in our wallets or Bank accounts in by most counselling Sam. Okay. You're exactly right except for they're not right. This this stat really stuck to me. Forty nine percent of Americans said that they were stressed a lot in the previous day. That's compared to thirty seven percent worldwide. And there's only one country on earth whose number was more than that. And that was Greece. So we are more stressed and pretty much everyone on earth might have people living in Greece. Which is I did impossible to know why? But disturbing nonetheless, speaking with Katie hill editor at money dot com. She's written a piece about how people around the world are more miserable miserable than any point in history. Art, so you did come up with a handful of things to kind of lower that stress and anxiety like what? Yeah. Simple things. Right, breathe deeply, I know people are like who would ever actually then shown by tons of research to calm yourself down. Just take slow deep breaths when you feel stress it these are things you can do every single day to lower your stress with most of us feel stress every day. So that's one thing you, gotta know what's triggering your stress, which sounds obvious. But is there a particular person that situation your job? I don't know. But you gotta identify you know, what's triggering that. And try to. To get yourself out of it. If you can help it get forty nine percent after stress that either things to think about and then de-stressing your workday work is one of the number one things that Americans say a stressing them out one thing try to make friends with your co workers, those kind of relationships can help protect you against stress. So even though they might be driving. You crazy. You know, try to find something good in them try to them. And then also, you know, when you're at work your lunch break to distress. You actually should take some time away from your desk away from your computer have lunch go outside walk around. And then look just don't forget your the basics. Right. Get enough sleep eat healthy exercise. Those are the number one things, you know. I know it's hard to fit it all in. And when you're stressed out. It's even harder. Nice. Katie Katie hill editor at money ish dot com. Thirty minutes after the hour on This Morning, America's first news. KOA NewsRadio time three thirty Wilmington North Carolina cut off from the rest of the state. That's floodwaters from Florence have made it almost impossible to get in and out of the city people really on edge here because we're going on several days here without power with the rain water with a down trees and everything that they wanted to get back to some normalcy and with Cape fear river still not crossing that very concerning of how much you know, is it is the water going to rise downtown Wilmington and causing damage ABC's. Diane Wilson.

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