President Trump, Michael Cohen, AT discussed on Bloomberg Surveillance


Burlington stores down seven percent Gina power retailer American Eagle outfitters down two and a half percent. David wilson. Thank you so much. I've been trying to find a window to do this. We're going to do. This was Frank weaker by five basis points in a little bit of stability in a much lower yield in German tenure, and that is to my good colleague, Paul Sweeney on all that's going on Warner media. You are an expert on his everybody wants to know first of all are they going to screw up game of thrones. Let's cut to what matters. They certainly better not that's the cash cow for each Bill. But you're right AT and T is definitely putting its its fingerprint on this acquisition that really just got the final approval from government this week. And so a lot of executive changes some of the core old Warner media folks, stepping aside, and John stanky, the this new guy from eighteen really putting his imprint, but you know, this better than anyone, I know maybe rich greenfield, I'll give credit to you got a green light. These shows it takes courage and takes creative people. Do you see any indication AT and T can keep or finding the creative people? There's a great bench at one or media. But I think the issue for AT and T is a half to attract and retain as you said the creative folks and give them the resources to do what they do. The question is will they give them enough autonomy to really take the risk that you need to do in Hollywood. It really remains to be seen. I think a lot of people feel like the answer is unlikely to be true judo. This keeps us employed at least through this is great. Else? Reading and Tom Keene with you. Today, again futures greener now negative too far more importantly, Mr Draghi continues to speak and he is market moving today. The euro. One twelve forty nine German tenure point zero nine to a much lower yield. Let's get some national headlines now with Michael Barr. Michael, thank you very much, Paul. Thank you, Tom. Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort appears in Virginia court today to be sentenced for Bank and tax fraud. Benefit who was sixty nine was convicted last year on eight felony counts. President Trump's exit thirty Michael Cohen reportedly directed his former attorney to discuss a possible pardon with president's legal team the admission appears to contradict Cohen statement to the house oversight committee last week when he said he did not seek out a pardon from the president house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff is adding another heavyweight prosecutor to the team that will investigate President Trump's business dealings. Daniel noble is from the complex frauds and cybercrime unit at the US attorney's office in Manhattan, global news twenty four hours a day on Aaron and tick tock.

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