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Like gotten me in the gut because it hard for me to hear into say as this character that I love something like this, but Suzy tells her that that she's been learning things about the apartment building because she's been riding elevator up and down and listening to people fighting and things. And she says, I think so, and so grabbed so-and-so's ass and her her manager of quasi manager? Yes, becoming our manager. And she says, I think so in so pinched zones of asks and midge goes, well, I hope she did nothing to deserve that. I remember that same. Yeah. And so I think is somebody who has a lot of learning to do in that department. And that is frustrating to me. I think it should be frustrating, but it represents a point of view that still exists. And I hope that throughout the course of our show her perspective, I and I assume because she will be faced with it personally, her perspective will be forced to change. Her eyes will be opened. More porous, isn't linear sometimes almost never linear. So I hope that for the women out there who are more like midge who maybe share some of those more, I hate to use the word conservative, but I suppose that's still with that as more at work yesterday, national views that that way that that may lead them to believe things like that. I hope that they're also listening and that that we are able to embrace their learning process to an encourage them to learn. And that is what seems so rare these days like. People don't really wanna learn from people that don't agree with them. At least it seems that way on the internet, it's hard because it is frustrating when and even I think. This particular time, although so many times have echoed this, I suppose is so polarizing. We're so polarized and and it does, and we're learning. I think that sometimes people we love shared these views that we find pug nint-. And so how how do you move through that? I don't know. I don't. I don't have the answer, but we've got a list on One one more. more. What we we just have to. We just have to listen better. We're doing a lot of talking and not enough listening. Rachel Brosnahan up for an EMMY for outstanding, lead actress in comedy series for her starring role in the marvelous MRs. Mazel listeners have a great Labor Day weekend barbecue something jumping pool, watch a bad movie. We're going to be back in your feet on Tuesday. We're talking politics with two star reporters. Katie Rogers who was a White House correspondent for the New York Times and Jeff Bennett who has the same title over it. NBC news. I ask them both very simple question. What's it like the cover the White House right now? Yup. They told me everything. You don't wanna miss it behind the scenes of the White House, press corps, Tuesday until then thanks for listening. I'm Sam Sanders toxin..

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