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The time now i only use location services while using i just turn that off automatically and put the background app refreshing i have not often most everything that i don't need to have like email coming it or whatever to save battery what particular thanks should i leave it on four what does it really make any difference uh you know this it's also is not merely batteries privacy issue as well because uh apps can send your location back to the home office uh so i think lots of people do this and it's good idea apple makes it easy because they have an actual entry in settings for locations services and you can go at by app and denied that i i would do it anything that you you know a map map programme you want obviously although i guess you don't really care about the map program until you launch at the thing is if you don't have background turned on it might take a while to figure out where you are so bad crowd abri fresh will be kept on anything that you want anything with nab i would leave it on there are other things that sometimes for instance twitter gugel and many social networks facebook like to know where you are at it's a kind of a creepy thing when you lodge facebook and it says hey i seared the library would you like to share your check in checkin to clarify that's a little creep here but yeah about to think not only location but background act refreshing to different willett it's related because of course that's what it's refreshing in many cases so if it's email it's that refreshing location its download emails checking the email so i i you know first of vault apple does a very good job of managing the battery so four most people unless you are having battery issues you probably this is a a finesse you probably don't need it you know no modern operating systems slept the thing do what it's supposed to do because it does a very good job apple shuts down back crown apps it will ask you as you probably noticed timetotime hey you know facebook's refreshing in the background do you want that.

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