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To have to wear it. Maybe immediately after, but at some point Barry's going to have to answer questions about it. I just don't see why this is worth it for them to put them out there and have them play when you know at the very least he's out 6 games. We know that's going to be increased. And so he goes out there and plays one game and then plays a couple of series and then sits for a couple of months. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I just think it's a bad look all the way around. I don't know. Look, the reality is, if they can plan, they're going to plan. Because that's what they brought them there to do. And I think they want to give their fans some hope. And they don't want them to look bad for bringing a guy who's not going to play the entire season. So if they can get them out there, they're going to get them out there because I think the Cleveland fan base has lived off the optimism for I don't know how long. But that's part of this. Even if he was suspended for the entire season, he's their first round draft pick. You know, you used to live on that where you have a bad football season. So there's hope next year. We look towards the draft. Well, we traded away that first round pick. You've got now a quarterback that you believe in are you full, it can deliver whatever he gets on the field. It's giving you a glimpse of hope. It's giving you a glimpse into the future. If indeed, he is suspended for the entire season. Because otherwise like those 17 games that come along, if he can't participate in any of them in the regular season, you're going to hear a lot of fans just moaning and complaining, but they're going to be looking towards the future. That's how that's how this fan base that's how this franchise is operated. Pretty much since it became came back as an expansion team. Let me ask you guys this. Do you think the NFL is happy with the brown starting of tonight? No. Okay, so just throwing this out there. What if the browns continue to go through with this? Yeah, he's going to start. He's going to start. And then the NFL finally just says, okay, the decision comes down. What if they pull him off the field during warm ups or actually during the game where somebody comes over to him similar to seeing a guy get traded mid game during the MLB trade deadline and they've got a poem off the field and out of the dugout. What if he's out there warming up and all of a sudden somebody comes up to him and says, hey buddy, you're not playing. You just got suspended. It starts immediately and then you're gone. That's it probably happened before they get to the field. But if the NFL's got a red ass about this and says, well, we don't like the probably happened before they get to the field. Why would you wait till he's on the field? Well, look, if you're going to put us out there and make our league look bad, we're going to make you look bad and pull them off the field while he's getting warmed up for a game. So how about that? How about that spiting your face? Bet your asset is. No, that's not how that works. I'm certain they're probably up right now in New York. And I'm certain they are on they are deliberating pretty intensely as to how to handle this. Because to me, I think this is a potential PR nightmare for the NFL. It could possibly not be. But are they willing to take the chance? Like, okay, we're going to allow him to play. The suspension hasn't been levied yet. But it's still like, okay, a suspension being levied. I just explained to me my interpretation of it. And how I look at it. It's like, that does a suspension really, oh, the suspension matters because now the games matter. The winds and the loss totals, they count now. But he still has the ability to go out there and play the game he loves. I might be missing something here, but the fact that he has not played, he didn't play last season. Now he's in training cap, so he's going through practices as normal. He is basically an as normal a routine as any other player. That's playing. So why now all of a sudden are we not considering the fact that, okay, the suspension is going to be levied. It's going to be a harsher penalty. They're trying to negotiate and say what they would be willing to take and put it out there. Okay, fine, all of those things. But to me, I almost feel like you do not let him practice. You do not let him participate in the preseason games. You do not let him participate until you hash this thing out. To me, that would have been the most sound approach to this whole entire scenario without running into lines of interpretation of how is this being handled? And I know that's not the rules. But to me, in a situation like this, I would have aired on the side of caution and said, we're holding the dude out. You guys hold the dude out until we figure out what we're going to do. But you know, they didn't do that. So it would be interesting to see if he played tonight. This will be the most covered Jacksonville Jaguars game since their AFC title game against the Patriots. And all season for that. Think about it. So congratulations, SHAD Kahn. You've done it. You've got yourselves a highly covered team all took was deshaun Watson and 20 something 30 something lawsuits against him and all the behavior that came along this off season in order to get there. So congratulations. Big night for the Jacksonville Jaguars and their fan base. It is two pros to come to Joe here on Fox Sports radio Lamar arrington Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox, we got in case you missed it coming up shortly. By the way, bad news for those of you that love the field of dreams games, not going to be back next year because of construction, how about it, huh? It's too bad. So no field of dreams game. They're going to be doing construction. And so therefore what? What are they putting youth baseball fields in or something like that around there? Softball fields. Softball fields. So they've got to put that all together. That doesn't seem like it would be that hard to construct. You just tear down some corn and build some fencing. What's the problem? Am I missing something here? I don't know, but it's kind of odd that it seems like there's a lot of corn out there. They can't figure out like a different area to do it. Yeah, listen, you get a bunch of drunk farmers who make crop circles, why can't these guys just figure this out? Lay the corn down, cut it off, and then just build a stadium, build some fencing. It doesn't seem like that difficult at all. What is that corn smoky? What am I going to tell nobody else? What is that? What is that? What movie? Friday? Next Friday, Friday. Yeah, I knew that. Come on, man. From all that cool. I guess. Well, that's a different movie. Yeah. That's a different movie. And different context as well, you know? Yeah, that's true. Yeah, deshaun Watson would have been in on that. Oh jeez. Oh my God. God. But you think he gets booed tonight? If he does play, or you think people are gonna be like, yeah, whatever. I mean, it's in Jacksonville. I can't imagine that fan base is going to have a soft heart for him. Yeah, that's true. It was a hard, hard towels or something. I

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