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Traffic line eight five hundred five thousand three mid city on the ten east watch for delays loading up away from the bell of rare is he continued towards the van ten and in downtown la this early iraq on the southbound side of the winner when it mission red looks like a chevy out of the right lane traffic is some living out as silverlake kfi this guy have sketchy their faster i mean there's been nearly one hundred sects abuse suits filed against the catholic church in guam there is a night at the catholic rectory and it's no different than here most of the victims were boys so this is not unique to the united states catholic church we know what happens a lot lied ruined germany had a lot of cases post wall seminaries and stuff jerry brown saw the art bishop anthony apple on 13 guam precent others including a catholic school teacher a catholic school janitor and a boise scout leader oh that too are alleged to be sexual predators warms archdiocese of a ghana is it defended the ninety six lawsuits from 19th fifty five three t ninety five 1994 and again the complaint says a lot of the higherups knew about this gortat yeah is the higherups do it to you know they don't care they they they did to they just did get caught one retired priest who admitted he sexually abused twenty or more boys still get some monthly stipend from the archdiocese significant fade that's right you're you're you're rape of boy and and they'll pay get a pitch tears your rate pension good lord what us sick sick sick group sean and pin weekdays at two kfi am 640 more stimulating talk listen to this the decade box tweets as it gary and shannon this is the second.

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