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Now in the last time, you talk we had a very heavy band. That was just to the east of Fairfield now. Mainly to the south. It's still red around the Advil area. In fact, not really pushing all the way toward the west you as of yet. And again, what's happening is that the as long as circulating continues to touch the Atlantic Ocean. That is where the heavier bands of rain will be we'll be counties near the coast where the heavy band of rain or the closer to where the moisture is. So eventually when foreign will drift a little bit farther inland. We're gonna start losing some of that energy from the Atlantic Ocean. But there's still enough moisture out there that we can easily dumpling rainfall here in Charlotte. So that's why we're concerned about the the threat. I really think it's going to be a tonight overnight into a good part of your Sunday going to be the main rain event four Charlotte. I was gonna say I think moving two miles an hour. Once the rain starts, it could it'll it'll continue for hours, and that's why it's been such a bad system, and so devastating for the coastal Carolina because it's just it's not moving so same areas being hit time and time again. The gusts are still out there. Again, it's it's more of a rain event. This is leading rain event. This has a very Harvey esque feel to it in terms of a system that barely moving. And it's just feeding continuous moisture off of body of water for Harvey, of course, was Gulf Mexico right now. Florence is the Kochan. All right. Well, we're just kind of sitting around twiddling our thumbs waiting. I do feel that by tomorrow morning by about six seven eight o'clock it will be downgraded somewhere to a tropical depression by that time. The Ford motion will begin to pick up bed. So it's going to inch long through this evening. And then begin to pick up some Ford motion through the overnight. So I'm thinking about tomorrow morning. Sunrise, the center circulation would be most likely due south of Charlotte and in by Sunday night will be due west. If that makes any sense does that forward motion and the bottom line is if people are saying, well, this is the we've dodged a bulletin. No. We have no had bullets still coming. Yeah. Unfortunately, not nothing's been shot yet..

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