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Talking about what a Hotshot he is. So yeah, I mean like you said this guy's got like three names in his head the 200 word vocabulary. So like I see that you have those cars behind you what kind of those that one's like. It's called the war. It's it's a fender like a archtop like an old blues-guitar. All right, and the other one is like a 339 Epiphone like a shrunken down BB King. Okay. I just when I kept when I need a break to stop just to get my head somewhere else. I take them down off the wall. Yeah. No, I have a dog. You know, I have a bunch too. And I I must say that I was truly saddened by the death of my guitar Idol Eddie Van Halen. Yeah, that was you know, I sort of knew it was coming because he was really sick and when they start going to Germany for a special treatments, it's like, oh I didn't know that see I was taken completely by surprise thought I'd rather few things. But I remember way back when it was Farrah Fawcett and when they start going to Germany for, you know some a typical doctor for a typical trade-ins, that's cuz things are desperate. So yeah that that one hurt. Yeah it did. Well. Listen, I'm going to let you guys go Craig. Do you have anything that you want to plug? My podcast I feel City or at least three new episodes last week and and you you can find that on podbean iTunes wherever and also any of my books including trumplandia and the Art of the Steal can be found on Amazon and paperback or Kendall Great and Jian Kang buk. I just wrote called death to America. It's on Amazon. It's actually the third in a series first one was called Welcome a dumb Pakistan and the second one was awful. I wrote right after the election to describe. My mood was called freakout States move. What the hell just happened. And what what is where we headed? Well, listen guys, please come back. I'd like to have you both back up before the election and that's so funny that that you were one of the producers on wings. I wish you publicists, you know, you know who wish they would have said. Oh John and you know, you met him he was like wage. Because cuz I had that was that was like a great week for me to you know to be able to guest star in such a great show. It was a lot of fun for us cuz you know sometimes guest stars come off and they kind of lose it during the week, but you hit it you hit a stride and then show night was even funnier than rehearsals know and I'm I just remember it was a it was a fun week and I remember going out for drinks afterwards. So yeah, it was a good time that working on that show was a good time. But listen, I'd love to have you guys back. Thank you so much for doing the show anytime. Appreciate..

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