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Pose as just hand. Louise Robert, the rookie of the year right now, Phil Rogers. I don't know. Adam. Hold nothing against Louise Robert. But let's wait until the season starts. Drama. Come on, Phil. You're my guy Love Phil Rogers, Tremendous baseball reporter got a point. Oh, he's got a very solid point. You might have to actually do it during the season, but I don't know. I'm buying into the Louise Robert. He might as well just depressed. Print the trophy. It's kind of like Like Larry Bird in 1988 KP when he just walked in to be locker room and old Chicago Stadium and told everybody when they were doing the three point contest. Alright, who's playing for second place here? Bird walking in nails last three shots. Pete's dead, less shrimp. Great moment and all Star game history. Weird connection that I just drew the Louise Robert winning the rookie of the year. But you know, it's it's It's It's fate. Accompli is going to get it on. By the way, Ah, Sam Matra, Coming up your bottom of the hour is getting a little football talk before he gets on board here is training camp of Barrel again started the end of the month. At the end. He ate 29 28 29. I think it's the 27th report and then even practices by July 29th. No problem. So going to go Great. Oakley is the official visor provider. Whatever you want to call it for NFL helmets. Sometimes you see players wear visors. I've seen concepts. Been released of Oakley, where there Their face mask like the visor since she goes all the way down the face mask, But they're supposed to be like a mass. But it's not because it holds it there putting like a mouth Guard shield extravaganza that's going to somehow make things safer, which is obviously not going to be a Look, I think the NFL's plan is Let's just let's just blow right through this, like let's do the tests. If somebody gets positive will just keep going will keep going. Keep going. I mean, they release some of their plans is how they're going to try to do it. Legal mandate. The team buses cannot be more than 50% full. Guess you got to get more buses. There must be at least one open seat between passengers on the team in playing what they're going to tackle each other things that everyone will get his or her own hotel room on the road. A lot of hotel rooms that all players I didn't there sharing rooms. What is the NFL? You guys a $1,000,000,000 industry? Why don't I gotta share rooms? I'm a £300 offensive lineman giving my own room. Don't some players have built into the contracts, Sweets for every road. Like if a player and they have to pay extra for it. I just don't know They're sharing rooms. One really, Ah, all players and they're all players and team. Most personnel must wear face coverings well on the road. Teams and players are also being told they will not be allowed to leave their hotel rooms to eat in. To eat in our otherwise use restaurants that are open to the public. Okay, they might not make use of public and private transportation. Also, they're gonna make it as hard as possible or As safe as possible. I should say But I mean, your point. They've got to go out and tackle you and all that type of stuff. All the leagues are putting these Ridiculously lengthy. And descriptive and detailed plans. Because if anything happens, they can say Well, this was the plan. Somewhere. We deviated from the plan, and that's what happened. So like it's ridiculous. There was even the one report that came out this is NFL says No Jersey swapping after games, the player's hand each other jerseys take photos posted on social media. Mother always thought that was kind of dumb anyway. But like everyone saw that And basically rolled their eyes like no Jersey, swapping after a game after they just hit each other for three hours, right doesn't seem this way. Not that sweat, but What Right doesn't make sense. Let's go back to the hotel while it the whole tale players and team personnel may not be visited in their rooms by anyone who is not in their traveling party. I wonder what that's about. And no one in the traveling party. May you shared hotel facilities can't go to the pool can't go to the gym. Unless, of course, they've been disinfected and are being used only by the traveling party. So if they have the whole entire hotel and they clean the makeshift, you know, the one thing the NFL does have, though, Like for baseball, you're going to a city for three or four days at a time. The NFL. They're going to fly in the day before then fly out that night. It does help a little bit, I guess. I mean, you know, in a sense, just go to New Zealand and play these games and put him in one stadium and playing on Mondays and I don't know what to do here. New Zealand wouldn't allow that procedures for returning with facility of the players and protesting positive including additional cardiac screening. I mean that this is going to be this is going to be a thing, by the way happen will be coming back here. Gets him. Let's get some bears post game going on. All right, Sam Macho is up. Next formerly of your Chicago Bears doing tremendous work off the field. Think you'll enjoy the conversation. It's straight ahead. 7 20 W g. N.

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