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Get together so. I in to pass. This student does hello and welcome to now. Try this nick. Tell them what that is. Oh my goodness marcus. What hype tastic intro. Because this is now. Try this and what does that. Oh i'm glad you asked. It's are you judging me. Just repeated what i said. Okay go ahead. And i said this podcast for two best friends. That's me nick. And that guy. Marcus say hello marcus high and we talk about our favorite things. One of us challenges the other one to watch enjoy their favorite thing but this month is different because this month is powered by petri on markets. How do they join the. Here's how you can join patriot. Www sorry. i'm sorry. Just repeat what. I said than the one word. Www dot hits ya dot com slash. Now try this. Cast on there and joined the patriot. You fr one five gen x. You don't have to save www anymore are you going. I said so many ws nick okay. I'll admit three of them. Okay so go to the website patron you can pull out your wallet. Click on the dollar to your or the five dollars. Tier the better. Click five dollars here. If you truly love us one dollars you can vote on upcoming challenges and the five dollars you get to submit upcoming challenges and that's how we got this month's challenge just like p hat h double o seven. Did this month pronounce fatty double seven. I thought so. I thought i would have been made fun of if i wasn't that with the british accent here the chat. Shout out to my whole as family in the chat. So you know this is gonna be a crazy show. Okay also shout out to our last most recent patriots. Michael thank you for joining james watcher. Walked her what is the second one tower. Thank you for watching ashley and andrea or lexi. Shout has patriots. Isn't the only way you can get into contact with his. You can follow us everywhere you can follow people at now try this cast and you can also if you want to get a special shot. Joe lease a five star review. An apple podcast. Just like marshmallow. Ten did saying of podcast. It is an absolute joy to listen to two best friends. Be best friends. The love and dorking is all too real with these two. That was almost perfect review except they spell to t o when in this context. It should have been t. o. But they did leave. How much weight a criticize our fans go back. And edit it's ours. Okay that's shit's free. They give us five stars saying you like that and leave a review organically john. Here's john medically. There are a million ways to help us or marquette. Like my whole family marcus. What are we doing here today. Because i have a lot of feels at. I can't show this episode. Please tell tell the people this this week. We are doing a deadly lessons aka the legend of simon conjurer which is a fancy challenge by my brother matthew and a little background to how this has been going for him on patriot. He's submitted this challenge every single month on the patriot on pole and it's been included in the patriots poll and not once has one but finally four or five months into the patriots existence. It finally wants so guys out there. Keep trying if you have something you really wanted to watch just want us to watch just continuously summit until everyone is so upset by being there. They just vote for it to get it off a one by a lot this month. It did when he won by a long. Yeah people. I am mad about it. Yes it is a. It's a movie. do you want to get into it immediately. No we have banter. How is your. How is your week. Did you try anything. New is usually say that. I wasn't prepared for you. You could ask me. I'll go first and then you can have time to think about it before we get to this amazing. Oh i'm sorry the ask what's wrong. I haven't been two hours and seventeen minutes watching deadly lessons but we'll get to that. Marcus how's your week. Did you try anything new nick. I tried something very new. It's new to a lot of people. I got the vaccine. Everyone's been trying to get vaccine vaccine vaccine. Let's get a double. What pope and the champions. I got him to vaccinated may still social distancing. Yeah no. I got the johnson and johnson. One which i know isn't one of the popular top to it is the third one down on the list but i got one dose and it was kind of nice good experience. Well i'm gonna put my fucking kaka the table. Because i got the number one popular that pfizer. Shit now bouzis book. Wow nice nice. you're welcome your. I shot was experienced like my i mean society that we have the puck and flexing about which vaccines are. People are so judgmental about the facts. I got the johnson and johnson and people are like. Oh you got that good gurus. I would not be caught. Did getting the johnson johnson vaccine. I went to work today. People like harassed me about it. And i was like fuck. You got a shot. I'm not gonna die now. Great like geez. Chess as you got the poor man's vaccine whatever. I don't care man's vaccine. The my experience was got sick. Because i got kobe. I'm sorry i had the block party earlier during the pandemic actually not early couple months ago so it was pretty shitty but quick story about the vaccine because this is fun recently something. I did try new this week. Is i introduced my to my family. Shot out to them once. I wou my mother my sister and my knees found out during that call that my sister has been in north carolina a little too long and refuses to get the vaccine even though she works at a hospital on no and it's just become a grandmother so this is a baby in the house. Guys come on go get it. It's not a political statement is science again. I felt. I felt really bad because i was on the phone with my girlfriend. Lexi and my family. And i spent fifteen minutes arguing with no because she was like she was like oh until work tells me to get it. I'm not going to get it on like why 'cause she's like we don't know if it works in like we quit essentially do and she's like yeah says who and i'm like scientists. Where am i. my my family isn't a bunch of rednecks. Didn't beaufort trump. My families aren't republicans where a democratic family we believe in fucking people brights and shit and i'm getting super political but that's fine. I just. I never expected these talking points to happen. A shout out to eat and you also visor markets. How would you handle this conversation. You're famous from new york. So i feel like they thought you know it's hard to it's hard to talk about because i feel like it's it's there's a historic history in america of minorities not being able to trust a authorities and scientists because they have famously been experimented on throughout history. So i get it. I understand not whining to participate in that end. There's just an inherent distrust. But you know you got to. I think you're doing the best thing you can do by explaining why it's important. What's the consequences of not getting. It are and and going from there and doing your best. Help them understand that like what..

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