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Eight minutes or less hence the name ocho sometimes go a little bit beyond that just a couple of minutes but hey sometimes there's a lot of news anyway. Let's go ahead and get going now. The dallas cowboys were off on sunday and monday. Which means not a whole lot in the world of news as far as america's team is concerned but because they are america's team that arson things to discuss nonetheless first of all wide receiver. Michael gallup spoke on monday and mentioned how excited he is to have kallen more working around the offense. He mentioned that a lot of people believe he's only a deep ball threat. There's obviously a lot of success to gallup's game when he goes deep but he can do it all so it is very nice to have him working around with everything going on in terms of callan. Moore's offense get that route tree fully expanded very excited about that now not to make things political but in case you are curious. Michael gallup did mention that he is vaccinated. so take that for what. It's worth micro. Parsons also spoke on monday. Obviously i think we're gonna see a lot of him tonight on hard knocks and said that his welcome to the. Nfl moment was tyron smith putting his hands on him like he is his son. Tyrant smith is obviously a very large individual. We saw mica. Parsons going up against some different defensive lineman obviously throughout training camp so far we rated gregory going up against harrismith. The overall vibe here is one that i'm really excited about. And i hope you are too elsewhere when it comes to former cowboys at least a new orleans saints side kicker brett maher in case you did not know. Maybe just take note of this for your fantasy league. The new orleans saints dealing with an injury situation at clicker with will let's He's going to be out for a little bit. So brett maher now has the job. There in new orleans certainly rooting for mahar. Can't believe it's been three years since the dallas cowboys cut dan bailey. Time does fly. Espn put together a list of top draft prospects which was a little bit of a weird kind of there was a weird way to define the criteria. This was generally young players in the league. That are a bit more under the radar. Not trevor lawrence not the general consensus players and tattered beyond dish. Dallas cowboys center came in at number ten. Obviously the status of the offensive line is one that we're going to be paying attention to throughout the rest of the preseason. There's an argument to be made and really an argument to prove itself throughout the preseason that maybe the cowboys best five feature tyron smith at left tackle collins at right tackle. Zack martin eh. Right guard and it center connor williams with connor mcgovern playing left guard. Now maybe you believe the best. Five is the to tackles. zack martin. Tether be irish at center and connor williams at left guard but look the cowboys are working. Connor williams at center obviously to have a backup plan. In case be. I cannot go but if that proves to be the more fruitful choice here. Maybe it's worth exploring as far as the regular season is concerned but on the subject of offensive line depth. Last weekend's preseason game the pro football hall of fame that is wasn't the best dallas cowboys. Debut for one tackle on the team in tie in second. Who's been around the nfl. For a long time. I know we all thought that he was going to come in. And kind of take hold of swing tackle position and it is just one games and not necessarily worth totally freaking out but it is worth mentioning that the cowboys could look at options on the free agent market russell. Kun is kind of the biggest name out there. We'll see what happens. On friday night against the arizona cardinals a little bit more of a substantial preseason game the pro football hall of fame games. This is the first one really hard to fully get a good grasp on what's happening so we'll definitely be paying attention to all of the offensive lineman on the team by the way we will have a live show for you friday night as we will after every dallas cowboys games. I'll look forward to that. That game doesn't even start until nine o'clock central time so we're going to be burning the midnight oil. Make sure you have snacks ready. And speaking of live shows we will be live tonight so bit of a programming schedule. Update here in the blog. The boys universe. Here's today's episode of the show. Your daily update for tuesday august tenth later on today. As far as podcasts are concerned we will have a new episode of the seven five featuring two time superbowl champion. Tony casillas and myself yes. We have a two-time super bowl champion as a host here blog on the boys. Some people don't know that. I can't believe it but So those are your podcasts. That are coming today. Tony and i actually had to record on monday. Because i haven't dentist appointment on tuesday gross anyway tomorrow on wednesday august eleventh. There will not be a new episode of the. Oh joe as far as news daily updates are concerned instead and we will drop the audio from. Tonight's live show tonight as soon as hard knocks is over. We are going live on the blog on the boys youtube channel. Go subscribe to our youtube channel. You can watch comment along. It'll be myself. Mary murray from gross talk and boys. It'll be roy. White from riled up and it'll be tony catalina who also obviously contributed blog on the boys dot com. The four of us will break down everything that we saw throughout the premiere episode of hard knocks different things. Obviously you're gonna pop ups going to be a lot of fun. So we'll put that audio together in a podcast. We will drop it as soon as we're done with the live show tonight so probably about eleven central time. I would guess kind of that neck of the woods that will be out in. That will sit in place of wednesday's episode of the ocho then tomorrow because it's wednesday you get a new episode of talk on the star with the guys. This will be our routine throughout the duration of hard knocks which will take us into. The regular season is a lot of content people because football season has arrived. I'm excited about it. I hope you are too so please. Subscribe to the blog of the boys podcast network. We are available. Wherever you get your podcast please leave a rating in..

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