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Update and your bedroom overseas scorched flag wait a go amy albright oklahoma your new theoretical college football semifinals this morning the second to last rankings underwriting an overall efdr alabama and miami loss last week alberto wisconsin not yet crack the top four that side by the way is now fear found a coaching carousel okay states might indeed tweeting albouy from life last night ending his connection to the tennessee job gun the involves ad john curry reportedly made in dallas earlier tuesday mississippi state said it'd be hiring penn state offensive coordinator jo moore headed as its new head coach his only previous head coaching experience was at fc as fordham and her met words winner of year for the arizona state job this week the current tv analysts last coached in two thousand eight with the chief for the first time since november of old four ally manning not the giants starting to be gino smith gets the nod sunday in oakland rookie davis web we'll play at some point this season is well had started to hundred in in strayed a regular season game the nine will start jimmy garoppolo against the bears this weekend wipe out michael crabtree and broncos quarter to leave down suspended just a game for their fight on sunday still without john wall it was otto porter near big leading the wizards through minnesota last night get there for a second cold i be a left wing outside the are salvi are poor accepts inside your horizons shoots straueli the wizards in the first one since the second quarter muddy water eighty the wizards like it's not the beginning of dave johnson wizards janiaux board of the tiebreaking who be a 22 points total ninety two eighty nine the final over the tea wolf lebron james ejected for the first time in his career the cab still one one away these seven over the he'd that's nine straight victories for cleveland kevin love's scored thirty eight wayne wade had 17 against his former team the jazz dumped the nuggets 106 seventy seventy milwaukee a 112 a knee in sacramento in the sun with a 104 ninety nine win in chicago college jobs number sixteen balloting its burst lost the season number 21 xavier seventy six sixty three i'm andrew botichev.

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