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Well to other three is a win ED in our book. But as you would say on the sopranos it looks like three to knee. Puggle that out eating. Figure out what that means. Congratulations. Eighty falco. Her new movie is outside in. It's in theaters now available for streaming almost anywhere that things stream eighty Falco. Thank you so much for joining us on wait. Wait, I'll tell you. One. Ohio governor John Kasich distinguished himself in the two thousand sixteen Republican primary debates with his candor his fearlessness and for being located so far to the side of the state. You could barely see him on TV, but governor Casey took center stage when he joined us in Ohio in April along with Peter gross, Roxanne Robertson, ROY blunt junior. You started. We are told you started quite early. You were very interested in politics is a young man, right? I went to Ohio State, and I lived in a dormitory fifteen roommates had fifteen roommates and some things upset me. So I asked for a meeting with the president university. And finally, they let me in. So I went in to see him. And he said, what's on your mind? I told them, and then I looked at said, sir. I've been in school a couple of weeks, and I'm undecided, but looking around at your nice, carpeting, your your furniture, and everything maybe this is the job for me. So we told me about his fundraising responsibilities as academic responsibilities. And he said the next day he was gonna fly down and have a meeting with president Nixon. Right. This is nine hundred seventy and I said, well, sir. There's a number of things that I would like to talk to him about also could I go with you. He said, no. If I write a letter would you give it to the president? And you said sure so I wrote this letter and told him how he thought he was doing, and I signed a John casick PS if you wanted to discuss this further, let me know I've got time. So I got a letter back from the office of the White House. The president I opened it up. I went upstairs to my dorm room called home. My mother answered the phone. I said mom, I'm going to need airline tickets. President is states would like to have a meeting with me in the Oval Office. And my mother started shouting Honey, pick up the phone something's wrong with Johnny. Two story. So I flew down. Yeah. Get outside the Oval Office. And a guy walks up to me says young man, you're going to have five minutes alone with the president United States. I'm eighteen years old first quarter. Freshman sound pretty cool, folks. Let me tell you what I'm thinking new jacket new shirt new tiny pants. I didn't come for five lousy.

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