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Hey listen i i don't even care above the other tim i'm all about the lake show i make no bones about it added i regret the purple ink doled here's mark when we talk about lonzo ball in how unselfish he is as far as distributing ball he definitely needs to work on a jump shot but my bigger question is do the lakers have the pieces to attract like 2 max contrast because i'm looking at has okay this summer is tom to take it to the next level of on if i'm the los angeles lakers lots of led new what were you and your purple and go the cash a in history to attract basically any player but the reality of it is who actually it's a realistic option i don't see lebron james going to play in los angeles in a rebuilding situation for a squad that has coups ma and brandon ingram at second and third best player so you look across the landscape would say who's gonna be a free agent paul george has already acknowledged that he loved the plan la boogie causes is going to be a free can you get here from new orleans possibly now that is able to happen then it's more legitimate i don't necessarily see that taking place to the point where for fis waning because in this scenario when you go to los angeles people look at you now to be the savior but the golden state warriors have four all star so if you're gonna knock them off if you're gonna knock the houston rockets are going gonna compete with the greatness of the san antonio spurs you're going to need multiple all stars and i just don't see that level of talent going to la unless the bronze he p3 and paul george is odd team up and say we gonna go play there but i think that's a long shot going back to the brandi jalen why does he need the plane cds deed best player in the nba clearly one of the best players of all time what is if he tells cleveland at the end of the season look cleveland give me x or i'm going here why does he even need to take time to plant seeds throughout the leak.

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