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Another benefit of being an rb p listener and this one's big if you're in the market for a new mattress or you're you know you're supposed to buy a new mattress every x amount of years or whatever some people say like seven or eight or ten or whatever the point is if you're sleeping on your magic you should know whether or not you are comfortable in joying in and if you think to yourself man i'm pretty sure i could do better you probably can and i'll tell you where go to lisa dot com slash rb p l e dot com slash rb p and get yourself at leesamattress if you go through that you are l you'll get one hundred thirty dollars off your leesa mattress plus a free lisa pillow which would normally cost you seventy five bucks both of these fantastic products their majesties are unbelievably comfortable the process is incredibly easy to shop for online it gets shipped in a box straight to your door there's no hassle of having to have it shipped to your house or strapping it on top of your car or go into one of these matches stores where you're gonna get ripped off and you have to make the ridiculous decision between all these different styles that's not the case here with lisa the only real decision you have to make is if you wanna go with the lisa which is just working with memory foam technology in his fantastic and extremely comfortable or if you wanna pay a little bit more and get the sapir by lisa which combines that memory foam technology was some spring technology which is the one that you're probably more familiar with you should do that because the superior is dope yeah mike each have one and the superior by lisa is bar none de bestmattress i've ever slept on and that's not just like me saying shit because they're paying as although they are in shutout lisa for supporting the show we very much appreciate it this is good shit that we both stand behind one hundred percent and if you for whatever reason skeptical just to give you even more security they let you try the mattress in your home for one hundred nights risk free with free shipping always so if you decide it's not for you and your psycho for some reason i'm just send it back.

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