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Will like who goes streaking anymore. I've definitely like gone skinny giving me and my friends have all jumped in my pool. Naked holding hands. And we'd like. I like have been at parties with my friends and like accidentally jona ruin my non existent boobs like it's i don't know i'm i'm i'm like my friends know me as the person that's always naked. So is that your policy. A news given when a dating situation are like if i feel exhibiting what i will but don't fucking ask for one also like yeah. One time when. I was in high school. Accidentally posted an asthma gomez story that i meant to send k. Fifteen child porn. Wow ooh so we learned from la that you should watermark your nudes. And that's maybe the greatest thing i learned mark. She watermarks for so she'll like take nude like i'm feeling good. I'm sentencing my guy and show put his name in a watermark alison. No who so like if it ever gets out fucking knows who did it in like can genius inside no no. I accidentally posted it on my snow. It was smiling goddamn fall. Never she said that i i. It's the greatest smartest thing ever. And i'm sure there's like an app just like a watermark out just put like gets a any any context on those like chad you did. This sounds olivia. Thanks so much for comment so much fun. Obviously a lot of people know where they can find you on social but for those who don't where can they follow you. All the things social your music. Where can they listen. Obviously spotify things like that. Yeah music i think is pretty much everything you can listen to music on All my socials are just might instagram's libby. O'brien twitter is libya g. O'brien and my talk is also luigia ryan. I think if you just look on my name should come up mazing music. I don't know if you have if you haven't heard to check it out. I it's really it's really good. I don't bullshit people. It's your very talented musician. And i hope to see more of your music out there. Ins- is you beat more guys and situations that you think I would like let me know. And all maybe signed me up. So i can write some songs. I'm lacking inspiration right now anyone. What's your your professional drinker. Okay cool but when you meet them and then you've done writing songs you can come to me like an ethnic episode and you'd be like this is what happened and i'll be like don't worry about explain why you should just get over it and okay great and then we'll be like a team. Thanks so much really appreciate it. Thanks guys for listening. Don't forget to send your questions that ask nick. Cast media dot com cast with a k. for ethnic episodes and we will see you back on monday. Thanks hey jeremy piven here. I've been in your living rooms for years. No weird way on the tv in movies. Like old school serendipity rush hour two electric lube and of course our in. Maybe you've seen it. Maybe you've been living in a cave in kabul. I don't know. I am so excited about podcast. I can't even tell you the idea that there are no rules. You can say whatever you want. count me in. It's called how you live in j. I get to interview my friends. Like the great jamie foxx who drops. The glove says whatever he wants even when ray came along and oscar right. i didn't keep the oscar. My house i gave it to my management. I take issue is a different kind of power like i started talking in english accent. When ray was thing i get to interview people that i'm fascinated by like the great mark. Cuban so when is mark human going to be president. You know it's not my dream job man. I'd rather have another eight episodes of entourage authorized to have real relationships with these people. Like my guy common. I do with you man. Smoking aces and that was one of the best experiences i've had. I saw you on stage at the house of blues. And i immediately called up. Joe carnahan the director. I said joe we found our dude man. Thank you brother thank you. Listen thank you now. Now gimme job. Get to sit with the incredible. Tiffany haddish mama. China's a house like everybody can come inside your house. Don't throw house parties. My grandma taught me how to value myself as a one. And there's been thirty nine months in my house. Boom never know what's going to happen. And that's what i love about this tire form. Nothing is off the table right. Let's flip some tables j. vivid new episodes dropping every wednesday on apple spotify. Or wherever. You your podcast be sure to rate review or subscribe. It really helps us. You could also watch us on youtube. Just search how you live. J. pippen that's giving..

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