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So that's amazing meals, all got this I believe in. God in that moment. Welcome to Messiah of China put cost about people who are making their mark in China. I'm your host Oscar Kooks. And, welcome as well to the first of ten special compilation episodes from season one. If you've been listening to this season, you will already know the different intra-. Music that things aren't quite the same as usual. And if you're entirely new to cost a third and special welcome to you. In a usual episode of the show will interview one person and that interview starts with a freestyle compensation based on an object at the guest house prepared in advance, and it ends with the guest. Nominating someone for me to interview in the next season of mistake of China. and. That's how tile by tile the thirty episodes of each season build out to form a mosaic of China. But before they make this nomination, I ask every guest the same ten simple questions on their tastes and opinions of life in China. and. It's the onset to these ten questions that form the content for these ten special compilation episodes. Today's compilation is about the guests favorite travel destinations in China. I wanted to get this one out of the way I because as a subject, it's perhaps the most ironic of the ten given that none of us have got any travel planned for the foreseeable future. But I hope that you'll at least be taking some notes for when the Boorda's finally reopened and transport networks begin to home again. Mandra the compliance leader from episode fifteen. Now, I would always come into. To. Definitely, visit that we got this damn between Georgia stems pronouncing. That is a phenomenally in structure natick logically engineering marvel that one should watch here screening So along Safety Dan, you created a kind of a ship lock system. When he saw literally, the water getting bored the getting closed underwater getting pulled in and ship literally gets lifted up. Against his third stays hostess, the three RS Journey is naked GENU- lifetime you're getting transferred from the Dan two of them. Ross Coleman the producer from episode twenty two. I think my favorite one is hung Joe. And I love that you can get there. So quickly and being the Judge Hills and then walking around and then drinking tea on that mountainside I, really love the way that they're not necessarily the big mountains those ones. But like you can still feel the kind of transformative nature of them when you go up and then come down. Ostrich Pogosyan the violinist from Episode Four. I Love Hull City, and I remember until nine every time when I and I go there. It's some kind of peaceful emotion I always get there something unexplainable and I think it's different. When you go to Europe, it's different kinds of peace you find in Honduras really like does all Chinese times when you reading the books, it's exactly that. Philippe gas the Disney Revolt Theo from episode one. I. Think one of the most memorable trip I have made in China. Tibet. Eighteen months ago I had the chance with a few friends to go to Lhasa and just travel. In Tibet's and it's been a fascinating experience at many levels cultural religious. Geographic you know arriving and then the place is full thousand, forty, six, hundred meters east a shock. As, you arrive some of my friends were shocked immediately, it took me a little bit more time but it was fascinating beautiful and standing how people leave their religion. Do you Buddhism I'm not an expert in but he's in better have been very impressed by how connected the are all the time to their practice practicing their criticism. Maple swore the comedian from episode to. Tibet. I. Love it because when my partner proposed me, there we climbed. Ninety hours in the day. To the top mountain, and then there was a beautiful Blue Lake? And the above. That was sno- snow's on the Monte was so pure and the name of the lake caught the God tears. And then over the lake, there was some stone. And on the stone, there was a buddha like Yukon CBA is a natural buddha thing and with the Buddha shadow that contained a whole Buddha image. So that's amazing meals. I got this I believe in God in that moment. And you the judiciary craftsman from episode eighteen. Tiffany. I was designing museums before that's what I was doing before my my print and we put Cartoon. Museum in in Union. So I've been there for two years going back and forth is so bio-diversity fight and they're trendy six minority in itself, and this is so beautiful this native or local people and still make a lot of things hint that Criolla own on toes and the jury. This is for me the most exotic thing about China. Co The marketer for sprite from, episode. Five. Shanghai. I love the city I've been amazed from day one. Yes I think China has fantastic places I feel every time I feel amazing and I love the even more. octo Joan, the fashion designer from episode thirty. I think where I am shocked by. Actually. Some of the old Hong Kong culture was influenced by Shanghai. So you can see so many poet lift here and Some of the famous political person, all condensed so many different types of people. So that means is very good city for you to connect different ideas and then you can find your own way. View the fitness community leader from episode. Eight I GONNA say my own straight I live in channing district and I recently did a walking tour with Dunkin from Shanghai China. And looked at all this architecture that was just right in front of mind I've been living in my apartment for five years and I never realized that this was just undermine is and how much did not nar about where I lived. Chi Chang the translator from Episode Twenty Four. I, went to Chung and it's beautiful place lots of history around the Yellow River. It was a major battlefield for hundreds of years. Is One of the Few Surviving Unionisti Temple Dad's here. Awesome. Sanford Brown biochemist from episode, twenty nine. Went. With my wife and a bunch of friends on a motorcycle trip we were gonNA. And we went to Mount Everest base camp on the China side of the north face and we went up right up to debate camp and we wake up first thing in the.

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