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I o on solar movie where you know han is doing improvised like judd appetito jokes for two and a half hours like i want there to be obtained rather you'd rather see it directed by a literal walking vat of tapioca putting no i think i think it's fine with me if they got the two hot directors to film a bunch of cool shit and then they broaden the old hack to basically shepherded through to the end so that it is relatively polish that's that's what i think it's a it's a it's a it's a savvy move you're bringing the veteran to uh you know to clean up old that the veteran sucks asked bringing in the ukraine and you bringing in the manager whose you know been been winning seventy two games every year for twenty years they essentially took i mean he had a near warri one eighty three games and a rooms oil you know you they all sorts of problems with rogue one they had received a bunch of shed narrows i go god's could be terrible nature not to be really good in the ending of it was fantastic so i have no yeah i i think it's okay to how they said i don't wanna see here fuck and han hansolaf movie at all on probably not going to go see this like hansolaf harrison ford he's not being played by harrison ford in this movie saw no one's did not that that is the one problem that add more alarming was there there was a report the disney was very did disney had to hire an acting coach for the dude who is playing han solo said he caused philo better that that's a deep concern to me that's where my old guy kicks in words like why do they make movies doors anymore.

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