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Start Your morning like a crusader with a fresh brewed cup of Cappuccino. Dark Roast coffee the available at my church Dot com forward slash shop. Here's what the listen for this hour. Senator Rand Paul needs to go to the principal's office. US Warning Nice to go to China and the operator Kobe. Bryant's helicopter was not certified to use the instrument panel president. Trump's impeachment trial lurched into a final day of questions and answers Thursday before a crucial vote on calling witnesses even as attention focused on trump's attorneys controversial defense offense and a Republican senators effort to expose the whistle blower who started the impeachment probe the vote on witnesses. Expected today could lead to an abrupt end another trial with the expected acquittal or less likely it could bring weeks more of arguments as Democrats pressed to hear testimony. From former National Security Adviser visor John Bolton and others Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell opened Thursday's session bracing for an attempt by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky to expose the name of the still anonymous whistleblower in the public trial McConnell urge restraint by his colleagues but to no avail. Paul quickly rose to put forward one of the first questions of the day drawing a long pause and the chamber as Chief Justice. John Roberts looked over the submission Roberts said the presiding officer declines Kline's to read the question as submitted the chief justice who plays the rare role of fielding questions. During the impeachment trial had communicated through his staff to McConnell's office. He did not want to read the whistle blowers name according to a Republican unauthorized to discuss the private conversation and granted anonymity the Hashtag. Tag Arrest. Rand Paul started trending Thursday after the Kentucky. Republican walked out of the Senate because Chief Justice John Roberts wouldn't read his impeachment richman question. The US is warning do not travel to China. As the corona violence cases have topped ninety. Six hundred and at least two hundred and thirteen. Thirteen people are dead. It's actually more than nine thousand. Six hundred ninety. Two cases have been confirmed in mainland China as this virus is spreading globally globally World Health Organization has declared corona virus. A public health. Emergency of international concern. Nearly sixty million people have been under partial show or full lockdown in Chinese cities for a week speaking to state media on Tuesday one of China's leading respiratory experts and a hero of the two thousand and three fight against SARS said. He expected the numbers to peak within. The next ten days are quote of the day. It's wonderful how a gentle pleasant manner is and and how it wins. Hearts Saint Francis to sales coming up are saying the day he went into the streets. He started to meet young men and boys where they worked and played and he used. His talents wants as a performer doing tricks to capture attention than sharing with the children his message for the day. You're listening to Crusade Channel News Foundations are stored is the epoch seventeen DVD or streaming download series that completely refuse that most pernicious of modernist errors evolution solution. This course is visually stunning and has presented so that lay people can arm themselves with truth in the fight against the evil that is Neil. Darwinism to order simply use. These are handy oriented channel DOT COM forward slash. Adam and right now your first episodes are free or now proceed channel DOT COM forward slash. They are saying the day is Saint John Bosco also known as Don Bosco. He was born in Italy on August. Sixteenth Eighteen fifteen at the aged to. John lost his father leaving him and his two older brothers to be raised by his mother. Margherita his Mama. Margarita would herself be declared venerable by the church in two thousand six. When John was nine years old he had the first of several vivid dreams that would influence his life in his dream. He encountered a multitude two two boys who swore as they played. Among these boise encountered a great majestic man and woman the man told him that in meekness and charity he would conquer. Are these your friends then. A lady also majestic said be strong humble and robust when the time comes. You'll understand everything. The stream influence John John for the rest of his life. Not long afterwards. John witnessed a traveling troupe of circus performers. He was enthralled by their magic tricks and acrobats. He he realized that if he learned their tricks he could use them to attract others and hold their attention. He studied their tricks. Any learned how to perform some himself. One Sunday a evening John Stage to show for the kids and he played with them and they heartily applauded at the end of the show he recited the homily he had heard earlier in the day. He ended by inviting his neighbors to pray with him. His shows and games were repeated and during this time John turned the call to become a priest in eighteen thirty five. John entered the seminary following six years of study and preparation. He was ordained a priest in eighteen. Forty one when he wasn't preaching Father Bosco worked tirelessly airless seeking work for boys who needed it and searching for lodging for others. His mother began to help him and she became known as Mama. Margarita by the eighteen sixties Father Bosco and his mother were were responsible for lodging eight hundred boys. Father Bosco died on January. Thirty first eighteen eighty eight the call all for his canonization was immediate saint. John Bosco was canonized on Easter Sunday. Nineteen thirty four and he was given the title father and teacher of Youth. His Feast Day is January. Thirty first photos do lawsuit was charged with killing. His estranged wife was declared dead Thursday according to his attorney authorities authorities believe that Dulles made in an apparent suicide attempt Tuesday and he was in dire condition Wednesday at a New York hospital according to his attorney and he was was in a hyperbaric chamber. His family came in from Greece and decided to donate his organs so that he will live on in some form in the assistance that he can provide others others in their own individual struggles norm paddock is attorney told reporters this on Thursday. The charter company that owned The helicopter that crashed Ashton killed all nine on board including Kobe. Bryant halted all services Thursday Island Express helicopters suspending all flights service for operational national reasons according to multiple reports company representatives did not provide further details about the suspension. The pilot who flew Mister Bryant and seven seven others through deteriorating weather was certified to fly under instrument conditions but the company that he worked for was not. The aircraft owner did not have have the necessary federal certification according to three sources familiar with the charter helicopter company's operations a message regarding the crash has been posted do the company's website since Monday detailing the accident and offering condolences. Send Me Your News. Tips to news at Crusade Channel Dot com stay tuned tune to the crusade channel with live breaking news updates all day the best live talk radio anywhere up next the. Mike Church show continues. I'm Stacey Cohan for the crusade channels seeking news and finding truth..

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