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Rebounds. To block shots. And an assist. Ain't good. 1 13 points for six shooting one of two from three point Land, made all four of his free throws, two rebounds, three assists and a steel in 38 minutes. Cormac Ryan, five points in two of five shooting one of two from the free throw line. Seven rebounds, three assists Ah steel couple of turnovers and an unfortunate Mental error. Late in the game, although again you can't assume against that pressure is going to make the shot, but they didn't get a shot off. Nick Jogo 17 minutes two points, one of two shooting two rebounds. Gonna steal. Here's a real tough part. Notre Dame shot 59% scored any points that should be enough on the road is coach breaks, said They shot 66% of the first half 19 to 29. I was a tale of two halves, but it's not like they went ice cold. They shot 52% in the second half. Something that hurt them was after going six of 13 from three point land, only one of five from three in the second half. In the game. They were nine of 13 from the free throw line. 69% 20 assists on 32 field goals. That's pretty good. 11. Turnovers is not terrible, but nine in the second half in key situations. Is not good, And it was a difference in the game that only made four blocks and five steals. Here's your Hustle Stats points off turnovers. Notre Dame one that 15 14, but it was the points off turnovers that they gave up in the second half that played a huge role in the loss points in the paint, or even if 48 Second chance points the other day, one that 76 fast break points, though the change in Notre Dame in Georgia text offensive style of play where they really push it, and they were effective tonight. They outscored Notre Dame 20 to 10 and fast break points. Bench points again, almost even 87. Here's why You can't sleep tonight if you're in the Omni in Atlanta. You remember the Notre Dame team? Notre Dame led by as many as 17, and they lead for 35 minutes and 16 seconds in this game, it was tied three times. The lead changed hands six times with Georgia Tech on a lead. For 3 19, but they win it tonight there 11 straight win at home. Extending back the last season by the score of 82 to 80. I'll be back to Neymar, Notre Dame player or players of the game in a moment. But first this time out, you're listening. The Notre Dame basketball radio network today. Tastes like movie night. Okay, whose turn is it to choose and everyone's favorite hit pizza and coaxed today tastes like front row seats roll like cushions and popcorn and counting the seconds. Teaches here today. Tastes like a slice of the action like we belong here on now just had never tasted this good. Coca Cola..

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