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Chamber. He's very determined. He's got a lot of people pulling for him not only within the prison outside. It was thrilling to see the reaction from everybody from the pope to Kim Kardashian. A lot of others in between. I think they got the wrong guy. There's been to rancid DNA tests, which showed that Cooper was the killer. According to San Bernardino county DA, Mike Ramos, he said tests have proven the Cooper was in the home of the Ryan smoke cigarettes in their stolen station, wagon Cooper's blood and the blood at least one of the victim was on a tee shirt found by the side of the road leading away from the murders. We've gone through every court and appellate court even the California Supreme Court and retested the DNA over and over again said Rama's, but there's going to be new testing. And we're gonna get Marianne Hughes on now she is the mother of Christopher Hughes the eleven year old friend who was staying overnight at the Ryan's house. And he was killed back in nineteen Eighty-three Marianne. Welcome again to the John and Ken show. It's nice to talk to you that I wish it was under much better circumstances. I know what is the status of this latest attempt to get the DNA tested. Well, this whole DNA thing with Brown. I mean, Jerry came about on Christmas Eve when I was in church. My phone is madly vibrating. I don't turn it off and one call strange numbers. I didn't recognize one call from my brother. Called him afterwards. And he says, oh my God system. I'm sorry. And I said what are you talking about? And that's how we heard about this all those strange numbers were pressed because then oppress call the next morning Christmas day is we're having. Breakfast NBC calls these people. And now we have the forty eight hours think Christmas Eve is Wayne Jerry Brown ordered the new DNA tests. Gary Brown ordered the DNA testing. And I think because there was extreme he was under pressure from the anti-death-penalty people. But now with what forty eight hours did on Saturday. We didn't watch it on Saturday. We were at a meeting and were during the meeting, we're getting text messages from friends and relatives were watching it and different time zones. And they actually put a Facebook live up after that forty eight hours did and you've got a whole generation out there that believe the lies in the midst representations that that they did which is what they did you had almost two hours that other than the parts that they've filled in and Josh who by the way now totally beliefs. Kevin Cooper is guilty. You had nothing. But to people who weren't part of anything, a grieving grandmother. And a. Private investigator who at that time was part of the Pomona police department and was no part of this investigation investigator is Paul Ingles. And the grieving grandmother who is that Merrick Mary how and she's the grandmother of. She was the grandmother she has passed away since then she's the one who ended up with custody of Josh. And she raised Josh. And she could never believe that one person could do it. I see it was pretty easy once she needs a scenario of went went down. They give I didn't see this twenty four hours episodes, Saturday, forty forty eight hours. They gave a lot of time to Paul Ingles. The private investigator. Oh, they gave countless time to him. It was a they rerun the original forty eight hours. So they did I don't know in two thousand or something like that. And they did a lot of that. Then they filled in new stuff with this Paul Ingles. Again. I know for a fat. He had nothing to do with the investigation. I have in front of me, and I'm not saying the validity of it. But it's a court document that says quarters appeal fourth district division to California people of the state of California plaintiff and respondent versus Paul Howard Ingles. Defend an appellant where he's accused of fifteen counts of grand theft. So that's who they used. But can you hang on Marian? Absolutely. Marion uses with us. He's been on our show many times over the years. And as you heard her say when we introduced her often, not the best of circumstances. First of all, of course, her eleven year old son was murdered in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and chino hills in the murderer has been on death row. Longtime is Kevin Cooper. But now he's reached the status level of where national media is focusing on the question of whether or not there's an innocent man on death row for these murders. He's a key was convicted of standing for people to death, by the way, he just escaped from the nearby men's institution. He claims he was in the house next door using it as. Hideout and had nothing to do with their murders escaped prisoner. He's an escaped prisoner was serving a four year sentence for two burglaries, and he said he was just hiding in the vacant house next door to the Ryan's for two days. And he says he left the day before the murders hitchhiked to Mexico. But of course, if they found this evidence that does track back to him. How does he explain it? Hey, we'll talk more with Marianne when we come back. Forty eight hours to episode on this whole case Johnny candidate KFI your chance to win a thousand dollars coming up. Debra Mark has news the guy with history of flashing has been charged in Orange County with indecent exposure, prosecutors say the man expose himself Sunday to a woman her son and her elderly moms the.

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