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Mentioned this to somebody which is the obvious you know hey someday you're not going to be able to take care of yourself or your spouse won't or something get a very good likelihood that something will happen to you certainly one of you is gonna die i one hundred percents they come back with wall say how about those cubs so they don't want to think about when you when you finally get them to actually deal with it then that's when you can get to a place where people get serious and want to find some kind of solution or the other is to find a reason to move on and ignore it go back to ignoring it that'd be that even even as they're starting to go through this problem let's get to the problem then it's too late to do a whole lot of now they have to just deal with it at the as best they can start writing checks for their bank account right this is a money they count on yeah airs at counted on and now all of a sudden you know can't do it anymore the head is probably the most difficult thing people do from an emotional point of view the the technically they can do it if they put you know put their mind to it but motivating yourself to do something to address an issue that's sometime in the future especially when you don't know when it's to see it's only potentially sometime in the future as far as things like nursing home disability insurance is another one that people have a hard time buying because they're not counting on it yeah it's going to happen all the odds are are not necessarily nursing home but having that end of life type of event that is costly and can go on for a long period of time statistically as is the one thing that that is is the most prevalent issue that that people have stage i think and i think maybe many people think of it as well and of life a couple of months sorry no big deal you know it may be a couple of a little bit of luck that'll be you but not you what has to happen that's right that's right you could get lucky and just go i think that's why a lot of people think about your sleep is a good thing but they don't think knowing that they don't think about the fact that it could be four five six years in some cases where they're perfectly healthy in the mind but their body is given out or vice versa all right any soul so so what we've done is great resolution yeah we've we come to a place where we have solutions that we can talk about we come to a place where there is news and a break and all these other things that need to be taken care gene pastula brought us down however he's going to give us hope that's what you do all right we're gonna come back with more johnny dean professor rick plum gene pastula joins us another segment just ahead bucket strategy investing tired of paying outrageous prices for agra well we have great news.

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