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Would he do this what does he seek what would he gain out of this when he's waited seven years to put down this rebellion with all the brutal foresee possibly can he now has the light of the tunnel handed to him by the american president who says he wants to get out all he has to do is stabilize and just wait till the end the era will be out of there apparently so what incentive did he have to do this and then on the other side of the syrian rebels what incentive do they have to get america back involved and engaged while every incentive they want to win so i guess we'll we'll talk about it tomorrow night on super local sunday because i'll be able to digest the sunday shows but it will be telling what the american state department says tomorrow i think he's going to indicate quite a bit about whether or not we're gonna we're gonna utilize american ground forces that are physically in syria and do something more substantial than just shooting cruise missiles at an airport all right when we come back to tv shows that really have spun me up and i know dark secret place fans are gonna love i'll tell you about them when we come back right after this that arc's replace kfi am six forty more stimulating talk michael should pay with the news the body of an african american girl found on a beach in northern california may be one of three children missing after their suv went off a coastline cliff last month body was found earlier today in the surf authorities in mendocino county of that the crash that killed a family of eight was likely deliberate border patrol agents east of san diego say a horse trader was involved at a crash on the eighth free weights believe the rig was being used to smuggle illegal immigrants into the country nineteen people have been detained at least two of the people airlifted to local hospitals a woman in her seventies has been found dead in her burned out home in el sereno near cal state la firefighters said they found her body and her dead dog after putting the fire out in the home that started at about seven this morning check out the forecast and the drive on the one ten next and here's a great in announce story in announce story.

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