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NPR news. I'm Brian Williams. In minneapolis. President Trump's reaffirming his support for the opposition leader in Venezuela where the incumbent president equalize, my Ludo is under threat of being ousted. Trump had a phone conversation with one Widodo saying that he supports the nation's fight to regain its democracy. However, president my Ludo and his supporters would argue that the involvement of the US and that of other nations runs counter to democracy. Meanwhile, protests continue in Venezuela. NPR's Philip Reeves has more thousands of people in Caracas took to the streets to protest entre coal from our position leader Guido. They chanted slogans calling for Nicolas Madura to leave office allowing a transitional government led by does take power the protests. Brought traffic to a halt in eastern parts of the city an opposition stronghold. But in the slums of the city's west the a stronghold of the Douro of the ruling socialist party, a plenty of police and national guard, but few protesters the actions part of a multi pronged drive to oust Peduto in which the US is playing a dominant role a nationwide. Dave protest is planned for Saturday, flip breathes, NPR news, Caracas European Union officials are emphatic that they won't reopen negotiations on the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the EU NPR's Frank Langfitt has more the main sticking point on Brexit is how to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland. The you insist the UK remain in custody arrangement with you until the solutions found which. UK now opposes John Claude Yonker president of the European Commission said something the other nations will eventually give into the UK and sell out Ireland a fellow member. But this is a game. Is it dissimilar bilateral issues? It goes to the hunt. Look being a member of European Union. Ions Boorda soups, both this although unions by euchre also said the UK's decision to try to change the agreement increases the risk the country could leave with no deal at all. Frank Langfitt, NPR news, London from Washington. This is NPR news from K Q. We news. I'm Tiffany Cam. High navy officials have confirmed to cake that during the partial government shutdown cleanup continued at the former hunters point naval shipyard in San Francisco, but it happened without oversight from the Environmental Protection Agency. Hundreds of homes already exist at hunters point and hundreds of additional units are in the works at the site. Dan Hirsch, nuclear policy expert and former UC Santa Cruz professor is concerned that the laps in oversight could make it difficult for the PA to determine if the cleanup is happening properly. And if it is not cleaned up appropriately we're talking about producing large amounts of health effects. And a statement the regional EPA office said they've. Restarted reviews of cleanup, data and that state and local regulators continued their oversight at hunters point during the shutdown. California's attorney general has issued forty nine recommendations for ways the Sacramento police department can reform its use of force policies and training. The report came nearly a year after the high profile police shooting of Stefan, Clark, an unarmed. Black man Anthony Sadler. Pastor of Sacramento. Shiloh Baptist church says the recommendations are positive we're under no illusion that this is the fix all. But I think we need to celebrate the steps that we take. And and this is one where celebrating Sacramento county's district. Attorney has yet to decide if the officers involved acted illegally by shooting. Clark the AG plans to issue a second review of the.

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