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Sylvia bev bed by nice. I'm remembering wavell far. No no any know. Any warmer is still pretty chilly. Still pretty misleading here chain chilly misty mobile typical astoria whether i think issue a correction from crisis gonna we video we by to logging after the states. Today i think said we're in the pecos the auto pastor and his big contentious. Because i think we're in a smooth. Little sierra we should be north of oviedo basically left untouched. And we're kind of on the right side. Anastasia the dom all. I think i did win. Says he said that. Donyell postscript tr earlier parts the mountain. There was one writer who we were waiting for. But we were homes. 'em lots of siddall writer who unfortunately finished time limit. He was fourteen minutes fifty four seconds by the winner. Eight minutes find jakobsen and his group so he is out of the race and we know a little bit about the context and the backdrop to that because i some homes this morning but we'll hear from him later went we. We will let wayne bank though to sell us the start this morning on a small am kind of industrially seems after nine straight on on. Yeah i sent affection for donna. And because quite the advocate french tv. We'll go down on. It's not just french tv. they're everywhere they know they remind me of. Bsa f announcements in the in french railway stations is a similar kind of gs very similar. God maybe they copied it from there anyway. By to the start daniel you did speak to mount homes. And you'll said have your daily wrong but the question was how would the writers had been on their tight. Yesterday i can bernal and premature rogue glitch recover for today because yes. There was a big day. Today was being builds an even bigger day. Yeah this question. The question i also raw was mainly prompted by droning on every morning. About what your sleep score is and what your recovery quotient is or whatever is But this has become a big big nurse. I haven't actually ever mentioned this. One mentioned the spooning. This one is the first time thought everyone would have previously anyway. This is something that is becoming a po- of riders kind of by feedback preparation writers sales self-knowledge choppers. We can show me the premiums roguish probably does have a recovery sleep monitor. He probably did look quite curiously. Read out this morning anyway. Without further do have devices and things now that tells us how we recovered how we slept. You look at them. Do you believe them. And how did you sleep. And how did you think you've recovered. I don't have it so our finer good So compared to the other today you believe him rich Yeah i do have one. That should pay more attention to himself. I spoke to someone from eighteen the other day. Who said the times the coaches on this particular team getting for straightened with their riders getting site town and spooked to buy shore recovery schools. Oh yeah well it's because it's a huge morale boost if it's if it's high but it's conversely it can it can Drain the spirit. If it's low you do become quite fixated on it. And i guess if you're a writer the tour 'em especially if you crash or if you're ill you'll be looking for clues as to whether your body is recovering are not and it. Could they could psyche. Yeah rich the bovis muhtar expertise were very anxious to know how premiums which had recovered this morning off these exploits yesterday and well. I spoke to one of. Them's morning at the angles about that attack. Which is still the talk of the welter. This morning and i said yesterday it was primoz rogue masterpieces at grahn tool stage rates. We also said yesterday. I was watching through the cracks in my fingers. I thought it was a bad move at the time. What did i i d- angles think yesterday as that drama was unfolding. Well i didn't win. Premiums went away yesterday with a gun. Did you have your head in your hands. Wondering what on earth he was he was thinking. No no no not like that. I mean at that moment. I think it was was really good. Move the client was hot. Everybody had to push and Of course also descent. We knew was very demanding so it was that was good to to be up there to be in front and of course you start to think it's really far to go Was there was still some support. Behind for a specially peron. Who had some guys sisterlove debit at that moment. We thought okay. We're going to see how the descend is going after the decent when we really when you really start to need pulling down to see how the situation is and and to decide whether it's wise to continue or not to tried to vam baller in the move early. How important was it. The he wasn't up the road when not move was made. Yeah we closed that down in the end it would have been nice if If dylan would have been in front to support Ligon of course but but then if we didn't pull back that group also I think i was into of movie-star Behind marsov there so that if the group was still in front that also behind the would have they would've had some more options to have guys wait and to pull more show in the end it was again balanced and when primoz is making a move. That any pov you worrying about today and thinking the okay. It's great to take a minute but it's a huge today now. Not really actually. I mean i think yesterday everybody had to push real hot. And i think everybody suffered a lot and and the bought three months nagin really had to pull was of course they. They spent a bit more in part from the end of the descend to the start of covadonga but that was also not dead long and And also they of course they pushed but they held serve as well. They also lost some time that part of course But then in the end. I think yeah if you look also to the to the last line guest today If if they would have been a lot more fresh they would have come close arrest. Well and i think in the end everybody suffered more or less equally. And i think of of course it will have effect on today but i think effect will be for everyone the start today. I'm it was a stage. Where a big breakway. When clear every team represented apart from buying victorious. We heard kwanza taming into your earlier from gino. Made madar 'em because when i heard that barring victorious war in i- not was deliberate ploy in a way that they had something else planned but clearly no according to gina maters. I'm kind of what went on i. Another little postscript yesterday actually we got our audio direst. Submissions last night on you'll hear them at some point. Pablo civic Talked a lot about having a dylan van borrow who didn't start today shoddy angles tonight and yeah and you know him. Being was was part..

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