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So menton. Manifesting drew madore fee. Waybill the troubadour. I would love that. That would love to see that. Oh my yeah. That'd be the starve. Your broadway resurgence. It's going to take start the troubadour move it all the ladder. He got a lot of people started into troubadour comic. Rocky horror star that the roxie. That was i know lou adler thing i'm sure at the roxy before it was a movie before it became a big hit i saw at the roxy and who adler we've been friends for years and you know he. He had a had a record company that was affiliated with an or something. But somewhere down the line you know we met and well lou adler hired me to to do the movie in one thousand nine hundred eighty two to do the fabulous stains moody and i just saw him the other day that the other day. But you know it's like twenty twenty disappeared. We'll just say the other day we'll believe you. That's fine he was kenny. Ortega got a star on the hollywood walk of fame and lou was there. And i was there and we hung out and i remember. He was wearing a bright yellow suit with shorts. Classic passing. thank you. This was such a pleasure. Total treat yourself thank you thank you both. Thank you for taking the time to take care of my pleasure. Hey bye okay. We covered a lot of ground but we didn't cover all the ground so fantastic and he has had just such a great varied career. And i think we will see him on broadway someday you think. He's he's deserving of that is yeah he's created so many different characters and just to be waybill and you'll see are all these different personas as playoff stage and films. I think it lends itself well to to the broadway's so one day we shall. We shall see about the rupture speaking of youtube. You have a. We have a youtube page. Well we do have a youtube channel. It is a at the. What difference does it make podcast. And you can see watson you can see lots of a fee in his in his raf worm today and the one thing that i am. Sorry about that. i didn't i. We ran out of time. But i i as i told you prior to this podcast to talking to fear i have two really good friends who are huge tubes and fee waybill fans and i was hoping to get him to say personal. Hello to margin. Lisa but ours your opportunity a proper proper some giving. I'm giving the shouts margin lisa. I wish i had. I wish we had speedy. Who's who came up as john waybill. I'm sure they know that they're uber. Fancy yes. I'm sure. I'm sure they do so margin. Lisa shoutout to you. I know you won't be listening to this. And thank you for that. Do episodes every friday. I look forward to it So please subscribe to our podcast and We will be back next week. Don't you think we should tell them working to talk to you later. Would you like to take that back. I would not save it for another day. God gotta go. We're proud members of the the podcast family for now. I don't know after that if they're gonna still stick with us but for now at the podcast dot com. Check them out. We've got some good podcasts. As well okay. So until next time this is dave holly jerky later. You've got the latest. Jim queued up. The sound system cranked. But you're missing that extra element. Take all way to eleven. listening to. Music is only half the journey our senses mingled to create unforgettable moments on the magazine. Podcast tunes and tumblers we headfirst into that concept by pairing new and classic albums with original craft cocktail recipes. We invite listeners. to bring out their inter mixologist. as we explore the music we love from a unique immersive and thoroughly delicious perspective. My name is anthony. And i host tunes and tumblers alongside my invaluable crew. Pager your mixologist. Ryan your music on the sewer over the past three years. We've spoken to artists across the spectrum in toasted their music with cocktails. You won't find any bar menu. Rappers open mike eagle and the nomad indie pop superstars the aces and tessa violet. Talented multi instrumentalists known bay in. Tau win of tau and the get down. Stay down. have all taken. The hot seat i roster gets bigger and better with each episode and like every good conversation it gets deeper with every round. Join us on this intoxicating journey through the records. We love raising a glass to each wherever you get your podcasts. And don't forget to drink. Responsibly..

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