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4th Land Rover above and beyond. Good morning. Michael Barnes. Good morning, Nathan David Dinkins, the first black mayor of New York City, has died. Think and served a single term during a soaring murder rate and the Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn. Dinkins said he wanted to be remembered as someone who brought the community together and inspired others. Lincoln spoke in 1990 about a new age of progressive ideas. In the last decade, we saw the ethics and dreams of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy traded in for Selfishness and callousness. Dinkins also said one of his biggest achievements included in acting and income tax surcharge to pay for the hiring of thousands of police officers. David Dinkins was 93 New York governor Andrew Cuomo was warning when it comes to go over 19. The state is already in a bad place before factoring the spread from banks, giving another upcoming holidays. Almost says over the last three weeks, New York hospitalizations rose from 1200 to 2700. You put That rate of increase together with an additional increase from the high level of social activity. That is a dangerous situation. Cuomo also says he is reopening an emergency covert 19 Hospital on Staten Island, New York City public schools have been fully remote now for almost a week following a move by lawmakers when covert positivity levels reached. 3% Mayor Bill de Blasio's said This won't last forever. Parents want their kids back in school. I know how much educators and staff want to be there to serve kids. It will take a lot more testing a very aggressive approach, very proactive approach, but we can do it. DiBlasio also says layoffs will be necessary unless the incoming Biden administration Will quickly approve aid to city governments. Democratic legislative leaders in New York said that the party had won enough seats in the election to gain of veto proof supermajority in the state Senate, while results of still being tabulated in some races, at least 42 Democrats won seats in the 63 member chamber, Michigan's Board of State canvases voted to certify the election results. Practically ensuring Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump in the state. One of the boards to Republican canvases sided with Democrats to certify the vote. Three Nothing. Another Republican member abstained. Global news 24 hours a day on the air and on Bloomberg. Quick, Take power by more than 2700. Journalists and analysts more than 120 countries on Michael. Barb, This is Bloomberg. Nathan. Okay,.

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