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Following. We've prayed for you the following weeks or anything that we so this constance just like a normal relationship that you would have was paramount to people being led online and now the the bob ties last year and average of three per day just from facebook alone so this this matters and the digital is is real digital is not virtual so virtual talking to a computer digital is just a tool that connects real people with real. You'll people <hes> <hes> they're not constrained to space and that is what matters great so. That's actually a really powerful answer. I love it. I <hes> <hes> and i i love that someone took it upon themselves to really kind of. Just change your mind on it. <hes> what are what are some misconceptions that people have about digital evangelism well that if there are many misconceptions in fact we live in misconception so people do you have on one end of the spectrum like i was. There's no such search thing is digital. Let's not full ourselves <hes> and then you have those who think that digital is dangerous and we shouldn't touch it but most most people just ignore it. They just don't don't feel they don't sense the power and the possibility within digital and and that's the group that most imposters find themselves in they kind of know it's important but they just can't be bothered and they don't do it. Yeah that makes sense so what then and bare minimum right if we were gonna say like everyone should be doing this <hes> everyone should be doing the ideal but what bare minimum should every church be doing online online digital marketing evangelism all of it. What what what should they be doing bare minimum..

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