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Been next hour as well. Join Taza myself, we'll talk a little skins but run around the National Football League with Joe the former golden dome as well. He's going to be fired up about what Notre Dame is doing. Looking good ties. And they've got a clear path to get themselves to one of those two national semi final games. They really do. Now. We've talked a lot about the NFL. How about these comments? Tom Brady does a spot on W E up the Beantown each every week. Let's take a look at the patriots quarterback talking about today's day and age of the NFL. You know, I think it was a different time. You know, I think football is was different. Then, you know, I think now I think in some ways, it's pro football's more glorified college football. I think at some ways that maybe the transition it's more similar game than what it used to be. You know, when I first started. So it's much football. Now is is with removing some of the physical element. Of the game. It's just it's more of a game. And you know, you see a lot of kind of college plays. You know? More in the pro game now than than what I remember when I started. So you know, that's just how things that went over the last twenty years. I gotta I'm laughing because I, you know. I'm taking you know, you're old when you start saying things on the radio like well, the game has changed from when I started to you know, you're playing a long time. You're right. There's been that evolution and you've been part of it. And you're still quiet. I don't really agree with him. I mean who the hell minded Tom Brady college football. I watch locks all this. I watch a game. And I'm not saying it's completely one hundred percent the same, but they have taken variations of the college offense to it. Now. I space game. I do take the physicality out of the game. A lot of it right to protect players safety. They've made it difficult on defenses to to do their job. You can't touch your guy pass five yards. You can't hit a guy over the middle. The defensive holding Pama plumbers. They've made it a lot easier to throw the football. No argument any of those things and and that's all to Brady Saint too. You know, what I'm saying as if you're a football fan watching for me when I watch college game on Saturday. I watch that. I watch a bunch on Sunday pro games. It's a different game. The pro game to me when I watch it feels more structured there's less risque plays on offense. There's less of that's the fun of college football. You'll see a kid who was like a sophomore freshman quarterback. And just like roll out. Just Chuck it. Thanks, dude that let's just as more more risk taking more wild wild west type football. It is different. And usually teams use a different style offense. The baby makes up for some talented group. I think I don't think it's one in the same. I wouldn't say.

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