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On board with former employees of saint clair's hospital we're trying to save their pensions about eleven hundred we're told earlier this year at their pensions would either be cut or done away with altogether now a._a._r._p. says it will offer legal assistance retiree frederick zeman's els news channel thirteen they will continue to fight everybody's a very close group sinclair's and you could tell by these people here were standing up for each other and we're going to keep standing up for each other no matter what it takes pensioners have asked state officials to investigate the saint clair's corporation and prevent the fund from drying up simply been phil stack tells w. g. y. news the catholic church sold fideliscare maybe they could use proceeds from that and it wouldn't be absurd to have twenty million or thirty million of that money go to shoring up this pension plan then i think we might be able to say to the state of new york well yes you did try to short up in the past so let's do it again a._a._r._p.'s help pensioners say they have a new sense of optimism reopening of the south troy pool is being delayed city officials had planned to reopen the pool on july first but that date has now been pushed back and there's no new target date at this point mayor patrick madden says contractors ran into unexpected issues that require the installation of a custom-made liner which is expected to arrive next week splash pads will still be in operation until the pool is reopened the south troy in knickerbocker pools have been closed for the past two summers i'm phoebe faith newsradio eight ten to one zero three one w._g. why in the aftermath of a number of highly publicized animal hoarding cases officials in glover's ville putting some limits on the number of best friends people can have in their homes mayor vincent the santa's tells news channel thirteen pet problem in his city has become a quality of life issue so a new ordinance will limit a family to six domestic pets we've had instances where there are dozens and dozens of cats in dwelling unit and it creates a health problem for the neighborhood residents could face fines up to two hundred and fifty dollars or fifteen days in jail for violating the ordinance the santa says the city.

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