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CBS, President Trump, Mr Trump discussed on WBBM Evening News


Yes news on the hour real news real reporting. I'm Pam Coulter John Bolton is out as national security adviser and CBS news senior national security analyst Fran Townsend says it's not a big surprise John is a very principled guy and I think going in there he understood that there might come a point in time where he and the president just didn't agree on a policy approach CBS is Stephen Portnoy the secretary of state counts himself as a member of the trump administration who at times found himself at odds with the president's third national security adviser there were many times in basketball than I disagree that's to be sure and Mike Pompeii says Mr trump is entitled to a staff of his choosing but pump pale shrugs off the suggestion that maybe building in foreign capitals that the American ship of state is veering off course I don't think any leader on the world should make any assumption that because some one of us to parts that president trump's for policy will change it to materialize Stephen port no I CBS news the White House the special election in north Carolina's ninth congressional district is a nail biter but Republican Dan bishop has a slim lead over Democrat Dan Macready right now it's a district that president trump one by twelve points in twenty sixteen CBS is Anthony sal bando has more let's remember the context you're from twenty eighteen which was that the Democrats picked up a lot of formally Republican seats for pick up forty seats they won a lot of suburban even exurban districts this is one of those kinds of places well the crew members save on land the Coast Guard is working on removing the huge cargo ship that overturned after leading a port in Georgia officials say the shipping channel could part be partially reopened by Thursday the commander norm which says it won't be easy this is a complex case this is a a large ship and it is close to the navigation channel we want to take this components of the of the incident very methodical step by step this is definitely something that we want to get right to the first time the billionaire sat. our family is trying to settle thousands of lawsuits alleging its company Purdue pharma helped fuel the nation's opioid epidemic but CBS's mola lanky says a proposed settlement is overshadowed by speculation that the company is about to go bankrupt the threat.

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CBS, President Trump, Mr Trump discussed on WBBM Evening News

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