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85 at BWI and 75 at dulles. An update now on Brittany griner and Paul Whelan in the possible prisoner swap. We learned Wednesday, the U.S. has reportedly requested talks with Russia on a proposal that could mean the release of the two detained Americans, but a dialog has yet to begin White House press secretary karine Jean Pierre was asked about that proposal today. We did put a substantial offer on the table. We wanted to be, we wanted to show that this president is taking it very seriously just like he did with Trevor Reed and but we're not going to go into details. The White House has reportedly offered to exchange a convicted Russian arms dealer to secure the releases of griner and Whelan. President Biden spoke virtually with his Chinese counterpart president Xi Jinping today. It was their 5th such call in their first since March. The call between the two leaders lasted nearly two hours, 20 minutes. It was a direct, straightforward conversation. White House aides wouldn't directly say whether House speaker Nancy Pelosi's intent to travel to Taiwan was a flashpoint. When asked about a Chinese statement warning against playing with fire, press secretary Karen Jean Pierre declined to engage. I'm not going to speak to that statement. But White House aides did say the two men pledged to work toward a potential face to face summit. Stephen portnoy CBS News The White House. Several people have died and many are missing after torrential rains caused severe flash flooding in southern Appalachia. Things are dire in the hills hollers and mountains of eastern Kentucky. After deadly flash flooding that's being called some of the worst in state history, search and rescue operations are ongoing, governor Andy beshear. They see a number of people and breath at county alone. On the roof, even we have some people in trees hanging on, waiting for rescue. Flooding has also led to rescues and evacuations in the mountains of neighboring southwestern Virginia. Jim crisis, yes news. At least 5 migrants drowned in another 66 were rescued today after a suspected human smuggling boat dropped them off in waters near an island west of Puerto Rico. A coast guard spokesperson said at least 66 people, those rescued survived, two of them children. It's the latest in a series of deadly voyages across the northern Caribbean involving mostly Haitian migrants who were fleeing their country amid a spike in killings and kidnappings. Two people escaped in early morning house fire and purcellville without being hurt badly and a dog that was in a crate made it out okay. But two other dogs that were not created were trapped in the fire and did not survive. A 9-1-1 call came in just after 5 a.m. reporting the fire on Milligan's run lane, water tankers had to be brought in because that part of percival does not have hydrants. This fire is being called accidental tonight, loudoun county fire and rescue says everyone should have and practice a home escape plan. That includes all people and pets that live there. Just ahead, we'll check in with Frank hanrahan and get the latest developments out of commander's training camp. It's 8 43. An orthopedic surgeon makes understanding pain, painless. This is the biggest frustration that patients have. This is doctor Pamela Mehta, talking about aches with unexpected origins. I see patients with pain in their knees, their hips, their back, oftentimes the pain is actually coming from their feet. Bet they aren't expecting to hear that. Those patients are super surprised. They can't believe

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