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And crunchy fried onions, turning them into a holiday staple green beans, Steve Kafe and CBS news. Egypt says it security forces have killed forty militants in raids on hideouts in the Sinai peninsula and the greater Cairo area that hours after a roadside bomb targeted a tourist bus. Tom Foty, CBS news. It's eleven oh five at the bay area's news station. KCBS partly cloudy and chilly overnight with patchy fog along the coast. Good evening. I'm Peter Finch. Here's what's happening. A man who escaped from San Quentin state prison earlier this week is now backing custody. KCBS reporter Keith men Coney said Shalom Mendoza was arrested peacefully in San Luis Obispo county following a nearly three day manhunt is all started Wednesday evening when Chiloe Mendoza escaped from San Quentin state prison. Shortly thereafter, he allegedly carjacked a woman in a Home Depot parking lot in the San Rafael area and reportedly travelled south in the hopes of reaching Los Angeles. He managed to stay off the radar Thursday. But on Friday was bonded in a central coast town of San Miguel when he purchased clothes at a dollar store later that day the car that he stole was found on the shoulder of US went win south just north of Passover. Robles about eleven miles down the road and from there. He did not make it far. He was spotted Saturday afternoon by an unidentified civilian at a Taco Bell in Pasa Robles. That's a billion contacted authorities and later officials with the California Department of corrections arrived on scene and took Mendoza into custody without incident. Now officials say Mendoza has been transported to Salinas valley state prison to await possible prosecution for the escape and carjacking Keith Makoni KCBS the arrest of an undocumented immigrant in the killing of Newman. Police corporal Ranil saying has reignited the debate over California's sanctuary law KCBS gentle lane spoke with a co author of the legislation that took effect this year after California's so-called sanctuary law to the fact staus lost county sheriff Adam christianson sat alongside President Trump in opposition to it then on Friday at a news conference announcing the arrest of a suspect in the killing of Newman. Police corporal. Sing Christiansen said the last thing in the world. I wanna do is politicize the death of officers saying, but let's go back to Ron an emigrant immigrated here lawfully and legally to pursue his American dream. He achieved that bowl and his dream was taken from him. San Francisco Senator Scott Weiner says he shares in the heartbreak over sings killing but disagrees with the suggestion that it could have been prevented if not for the sanctuary law. He co authored, but reality is what are you able to deport people. They can do it on their own. And they do it all the time. And so it's not invite you a good argument to say, well, we have to turn the local police into an arm of ice in order to do its job. The suspects prior arrests on suspicion of DUI occurred in two thousand eleven and two thousand fourteen gentlemen, KCBS police in Fremont are asking for the public's help tonight in locating. Missing sixty nine year old man who is considered at risk, Gerald..

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