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Cocktail into a New York City police van is due in court today. A Rouge Rockman of Brooklyn lawyer is expected in court today. She and Colin Furred Mattis, who was also an attorney, were arrested May 30th during protests against the killing of George Floyd and both have been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts, including arson and federal explosives charges. Police say Just before one o'clock that morning, Rockman got out of the vehicle. Mattis was driving and tossed a Molotov cocktail made from a bud light bottle into an empty NYPD van near a police precinct. Mattis has pleaded not guilty. If convicted on all charges each could get life in prison in New York City. Tanya J. Powers Fox News, a man who drove into a Walmart distribution center in Northern California and went on a shooting rampage Saturday, leaving came in another man dead and four others hurt. Was fired from his job at that center last year. Luis Wesley Lane was let go in February of 2019 laying crashing a vehicle into that center and opening fire with a semiautomatic weapon before he was shot by police officers in the parking lot. Major League Baseball players report to training camp this week after MLB commissioner stepped in and mandated a 60 game season, the dates were set July 1st Players report in And then they get tested. Virus testing will happen frequently. They're a bunch of new rules meant to protect players from the virus, including things like no spinning. I'm not quite sure how they're going, Tio police Situations, But I'm more worried about all the traveling former baseball player in two time, World Series champion Johnny Damon says. Still, it's gonna be exciting. Whoever gets to the best start. I mean, they have the best chance Tio, hold it together and end up winning, though he says playing without fans will probably be weird, and it'll feel more like a practice game. Jessica Rosenthal, Fox News to NASCAR With Denny Hamlin wins Sunday's Pocono 3.

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